Friday, 4 December 2015

Nigerian Doctor Faces Malpractice Suit In Trinidad and Tobago

A Nigerian born doctor, Dr Maxwell Adeyemi  is currently facing disciplinary action in Trinidad & Tobago on account of misconduct in the performance of his duties during his practice at the Bethel Health Centre.

Justice Frank Seepersad yesterday dismissed Dr Maxwell Adeyemi suit to stop his employer, the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA)  - from instituting disciplinary proceedings against him.

According to reports, Dr Adeyemi caused the death of a patient in his care by negligence in May 12, 2014.  He had commenced treatment on the patient, Charles Roberts for extremely high blood sugar levels by administering insulin intravenously, and left the Bethel Health Centre without taking steps to enquire about the patient’s status in accordance with regulations.

In the doctor’s absence, complications arose and Mentor Melville was forced to treat Roberts. Melville later wrote a letter of complaint to the chief executive of the TRHA and the board.

A tribunal was set up and Adeyemi was afforded an opportunity to provide a written explanation in response to the allegations. Dr. Adeyemi was later suspended and he challenged his employer's right to take disciplinary actions because of this.

He lost the suit and now, he's been ordered to pay the legal fees for both TRHA and the hospital.

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