Sunday, 27 December 2015

"My Bitter Experience As A Doctor Today"

I saw this interesting post on Nairaland which was purportedly written by a doctor, and I think it's worth sharing. Please read the post below in the writer's words (I'm not the writer):

"Tears run down my cheek as I type this. I went into the medical profession to save lives, but today I watched a patient die and I could do nothing.

It was around 11am today, 26th Dec. 2015, I was in the emergency room as the only doctor and house officer on call in a State Specialist Hospital when a Peugeot station-wagon followed by a police van drove in. They opened the doors and trunk and started bringing out accident victims.

I did a quick triage and saw that the two in the trunk were in a more critical condition, So the immediate plan was to refer the two to FMC where they have better hands and equipment to handle it. So I asked d policeman who the driver is so that the two will be rushed to FMC and he said the driver died at the accident scene.

 I ran outside to buy airtime to start calling other House-officers (HOs), but before I could return, they had dropped the two and drove off.

I called other HOs, only 2 showed up, others had travelled. To my greatest suprise, I called a medical officer who is a senior colleague in d profession, and she said I should not touch anyone till they paid. That I should infact refer all of dem. I was incapacitated, the patients were in pains, crying, calling on us to help, some already unconscious, but we couldn't help because we have an order from above.
Within 5minutes, one young lady in her early 20s died. About 10minutes later, another police van came and carried the remaining 7 to FMC.

This evening, some road safety corps came to inquire if any accident victims were brought to our center. They had retrieved the manifest from d vehicle and contacted d families of the passengers. They came with the relations of one of the patients, and when I told them one of them died, they asked for d description of d one that died and I showed them the picture of the girl that died, behold she was the one they were looking for and right there was the girl's fiance. Their traditional wedding was to be in 3days time.

I want to use this medium to call on the government to make policies that'll enable doctors treat patients in such condition. Let's save the human race."

If this story is true, I think it's really sad and this is one area health insurance can be helpful. If all hospitals have a policy that covers accident victims, then hospitals will have the resources needed to treat the patients.

It's a two-way street though, because there's also the patient angle which I'll explain in my next video.

Hopefully, our government will pay attention to this nagging problem to prevent the needless loss of lives.

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