Thursday, 10 December 2015

Mitch From Modern Family Had Cancerous Mole Removed

Jesse Tyler Ferguson, better known as Mitch from the hit television series Modern Family, recently underwent a minor procedure for skin cancer.

Jesse posted a selfie on Instagram after the procedure with the following caption:

"Thank you to Dr. Bennett & his entire team for taking the cancer out of my face. Good luck hiding the stitches tomorrow."

Doctors removed a cancerous mole from Jesse's cheek. They managed to remove all the cancer and expect Jesse to be absolutely fine, E Online reports.

Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, affecting 2-3 million people worldwide each year, The World Health Organisation website explains.

Having fair skin, like Jesse, puts you at a greater risk of developing this form of cancer. People with a history of sunburn, those who spend an excessive amount of time in the sun, those who have moles on their body and those with a personal or family history of skin cancer are also at a greater risk.

CANSA recommends doing a monthly skin check using the ABCDE method to detect the warning signs of skin cancer:


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