Friday, 4 December 2015

Menstrual Period-Inspired Jewelry Collection

Most woman would be horrified if they leaked on their clothing while on their period, but one designer wants ladies to wear their period blood proudly - well, sort of.

Lili Murphy-Johnson, 22, from London, wishes there was less of a stigma surrounding menstruation, which half of the world's population experiences at some point in their lives. By her logic, getting your monthly visitor shouldn't be gross - it should be beautiful.

That's why she designed an entire collection of period-inspired jewelry called On the Rag, which features plenty of red gemstones, tampon charms, and even a sparkly used pantyliner that a shopper could say was a glitzy heirloom from her Aunt Flo.

 'Periods are stigmatized in our culture from a long history of superstition and inequality for women,' she wrote in explanation on her website, nothing that society pushes women to hide the fact that they menstruate.

'My collection is inspired by menstruation, and the frustrating, leaking female body,' she added, telling Refinery29 that she began working on the project because: 'The anxiety and stress I experience
before my period was holding back my research and design process whilst at university, so I decided
to replicate these emotions into jewelry to get a collection started.'

The collection, which features rings, brooches, bracelets, and a necklace , is influenced by three parts of menstruation - PMS, the actual bleeding, and the products women use to clean the blood, like tampons.

The most plainly period-themed item is Lili's pantyliner ring.

I definitely see myself rocking a piece or two out of this collection, if I got it But that 'menstrual flow' brooch is my favourite.


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