Sunday, 27 December 2015

Man Sexually Assaults Woman To Force Her Into Marriage

In a case of marriage-by-force, a 30 year old Muslim man from India has been arrested for kidnapping and raping his female co-worker for five days just to coerce her into marrying him and converting to Islam .

Police said the man, Engineer Syen Emad Hasan, proposed to the unnamed 27-year-old woman but she rejected his proposal because her family would not allow 'an inter-religious marriage.'

Prior to the incident, Hasan and the woman worked together at a Dell computer repairs shop in Hyderabad, India before she quit and travelled to Dubai.

When the woman travelled to Dubai, Hasan continued to harass her until she cut her trip to Dubai short so she could go back to confront Hasan in India.

A police officer, Inspector Ravinder said, 'The woman told us she was forced to talk to Hasan as he showed her photos and videos of them together in Hyderabad, and threatened to send them to her father. He also demanded that she send inappropriate photos of her body.'

Unfortunately, on her return to confront Hasan, he abducted her, locked her up in his house and took away her phone.

Hasan then took three days’ leave so he could brutalise and sexually assault her. He also threatened to continue doing so until she agreed to marry him after converting to Islam.

After four days of being brutally raped,, the woman managed to get onto Facebook and contacted her friend. The friend in turn reached out to the woman's brother who got the police to rescue her.

When police found the woman, she was locked in a bathroom in a state of shock with severe injuries to her head and face. Hasan's phone and laptop also contained photos and videos of the woman.

Weird world!

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