Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Kylie Jenner Slammed For Posing In Wheelchair For Interview

Kylie Jenner is the cover cover girl for Interview magazine’s December/January arts issue. And two pictures feature the teen in a gold wheelchair.

No explanation is given, and the photos, which were released Tuesday, are not going over well on social media. “I actually find the pic of Kylie in a wheelchair offensive, but then again I have two aunts born disabled, & two friends who lost the ability to walk,” commented one Twitter user.
A woman who requires a wheelchair sarcastically tweeted, “Oh I see! When I’m in my wheelchair noone can look me in the eye but when Kylie Jenner sits in a wheelchair it’s FASHION. silly me.”

 A different person similarly wrote, “The disabled community aren’t fighting social stigmas just so kylie jenner can use a wheelchair to look more edgy.” Another drew a comparison between the photos of Jenner and those of another model noting, “I’m sorry, but Hanne Gaby Odiele in (medically necessary) crutches and cast >>> Kylie Jenner in a wheelchair.”

What the hell girl.” Yet another said, “I don’t care what Kylie Jenner does. I really don’t but can we not use her siting on a wheelchair a form of fashion?”
And one individual simply stated, “Well this is grossly insensitive. #ableism.”

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