Monday, 21 December 2015

Medical Records Prove Adolf Hitler Had Only One Testicle

On Saturday, German media was agog with the news of medical documents that confirmed long-held suspicions that Adolf Hitler only had one testicle.
The rumours about Hitler missing a testicle has raged for many years and at one time, British soldiers sang the song “Hitler has only got one ball.”
One school of thought said he lost his testicle during the Battle of the Somme in the First World War.

But a medical record from the time when Hitler was put in prison after the failed Munich beer hall putsch in 1923 shows he suffered from "right-side cryptorchidism" - a condition where a testicle fails to descend into the scrotum -according to Prof Peter Fleischmann of Erlangen-Nuremberg University

The  prison doctor's notes were thought to have been missing for years but reappeared at an auction in 2010, at which point they were seized by authorities.
The findings appear to contradict earlier reports that Hitler lost a testicle to shrapnel in the First World War. The Soviet autopsy carried out on Hitler’s remains in 1945 listed that one testicle was missing — although, curiously, it recorded the left as being absent.
Officially, Hitler had no biological children but some people allege that he may have had a 'secret son.'

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