Saturday, 19 December 2015

Female Circumcision Will Not Stop in Sierra-Leone, Says Minister

Sierra-Leone has one of the highest prevalence rates of female genital mutiliation (FGM) in the world and more than 80 per cent of Sierra Leonean women and girls have been circumcised, according to UNICEF.

Sadly, the vile practice will not be ending soon, according to a top cabinet minister in the country. She emphatically said the country will never ban the practice because it is a part of their culture.
Moijua Kaikai, the minister for Social Welfare and Gender in Sierra-Leone recently told women at a conference that reports of the government banning the age-old practice were merely rumours.
The conference was organized by elderly women aka 'Soweis" who promote and carry out FGM in Sierra-Leone. They also head various secret societies called 'bondo.' 
At the end of the conference Kaikai said, "Bondo will never die. It is part of our culture but should be practised responsibly."

According to Unicef, of the 29 countries where FGM is practised, 24 have passed laws against it but Sierra Leone is not one of them.

Gambia became one of 20 African countries to outlaw FGM when President Yahya Jammeh declared it illegal last month.

Thankfully, Nigeria is one of those countries that have banned the barbaric practice!

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