Thursday, 24 December 2015

"Chemist Manager" Lures Gay Man Home For Mob Attack

I saw this interesting news piece on a young gay Nigerian who was lured to a "chemist manager's" house, encouraged to strip naked for sex and then beaten with planks by neighbours.

The victim, identified only as Abraham, is believed to be between 20 and 22 and the attack happened in Port Harcourt on December 13.

Allegedly, Abraham met the "chemist manager" at a pharmacy where he goes to collect drugs for his asthmatic mother. They became friends, chatting regularly on phone and on WhatsApp.

Abraham told NoStringsPodcast: ‘We were only chatting as good friends until he inquired about why I was so serious with him, and if I was in love with him. I told him that I really liked him and that I felt like I was with a woman each time I was with him, so he invited me over so we could see to talk more. That was when I decided to go see him. I realized I was gay in 2008, while I was still in school, and ever since then I have found it really hard to stop.’

The chemist manager said: ‘I knew this guy was a homosexual when he started calling me frequently and constantly wanting to meet me. I actually thought he was joking until when he came to my house, and asked that we have sex. That was when I excused myself to go to the bathroom to call my friends on the phone, who mobilized friends and neighbours.’

When NoStrings reporters arrived at the scene. They found a mob armed with planks, slapping and beating Abraham while he was still naked.

The pharmacist told NoStrings they had called Abraham’s parents to inform them of the situation, and make them aware of what their child does.

Abraham's mother told reporters that Abraham moved out of the family's residence after the incident.

When NoStrings visited the pharmacy and asked the manager for Abraham’s number. He eventually provided it but told them: ‘I will need to be compensated too, after all it would’ve been worse for me if he succeeded in having anal sex with me. Whatever you are doing, make sure I also get some cash for trapping this young man for you, here is the number.’

From the report, Abraham now lives in a market with no place to call home and other gay men have been advised to be extremely cautious about meeting other men and always to meet in a public place first.



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