Thursday, 31 December 2015

Beware of Carbon Emission and Avoid Cancer!

Experts have blamed the rising rate of cancer in Nigeria on carbon emission from generators.

The announcement was made this week at an international conference on Mathematical Modelling in Abuja.

Speaking to journalists, the director and chief executive, National Mathematical Centre (NMC), Prof Adewale Solarin, said the fumes from generators are responsible for the high increase in cancer because they are carcinogenic.

He said, “If you have for instance, a whole village or a whole town, electricity is generated from one source and it is distributed to everywhere, then you can control the pollution from that point but now, it’s virtually in every building that you have generators and this is causing a lot of pollution.

One of the experts said, cancer is about to surpass HIV/AIDS pandemic in Nigeria as 26 females die of cervical cancer and 40 women die of cancer of the breast, including deaths from prostate cancer on daily basis.

The claim by the experts is supported by the World Health Organization who previously said diesel fumes cause lung cancer and is more carcinogenic than secondhand cigarette smoke.

Diesel exhaust fumes currently shares the W.H.O.’s Group 1 carcinogen status with smoking, asbestos, ultraviolet radiation, alcohol and other elements that pose cancer risks.

To reduce your exposure to dangerous fumes, please avoid standing by exhaust pipes and gas fumes. Also, avoid operating engines in enclosed areas.

As for me, whenever I'm on the road and I notice any truck or trailer blowing thick smoke in the air, I hold my breath for a few seconds or roll up my windows to avoid inhaling the smoke. Please try it too.

Stay healthy! X

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