Thursday, 10 December 2015

9 Fascinating Medical Pictures From 2015

This year, an image of a baby confined in a clear plastic tube went viral. Although the plastic tube seemed strange to the public, in reality it is a Pigg-O-Stat, a common medical tool used to immobilize babies while they undergo important x-rays.

The tube makes it possible for a baby to have x-ray images done without putting a parent or medical professional at unnecessary exposure to the machine’s radiation.

Syrian Baby Born With Shrapnel In Her Head

One of the most fascinating photos of this year is of a baby born with shrapnel in her face after her mother was caught in a missile strike in Syria. The baby’s mother sustained shrapnel injuries to her face and body, some of which managed to pierce the womb and injure her unborn baby.

"She was surrounded by her three wounded kids, (and) she was bleeding from several parts of her body, including her belly," Abu Louie, spokesman for Mashfa al Midani Hospital, where the woman was treated, told CNN.

The mother was required to immediately undergo an emergency c-section in order to save the child’s life. Luckily the baby was born fine and doctors were able to remove the shrapnel, which had become lodged just above her right eye. She was later named Amel, which is Arabic for “hope.”
New CT Scan Images- GE Healthcare

The latest set of high-resolution CT scans created by GE Healthcare’s Revolution CT allow doctors to have the most realistic images of the inside of the human body. A CT scan, or computerized tomography scans, uses a series of X-ray images taken from different angles to give a detailed image of the patient’s body. However, the new GE scans use far less radiation, putting patients at less risk and allowing for a more comfortable experience. Now, doctors can track organ function in real-time.

Along with the CT scans, GE has also created new ultrasound technology able to use high-frequency waves to create moving representations of the inside of a patient.

En Caul (Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in California) 

In February, a baby was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in California completely enclosed in his amniotic sac. Known as an en caul birth, the moment lasted just seconds, as doctors needed to open the sac in order to give the child his first breath. However, images of the infant’s extraordinary delivery instantly went viral on the Internet.

En caul births are usually harmless and more common in premature deliveries and not often seen in C-sections. Throughout history those born still enclosed in these sacs have been regarded as having good luck.
Figure 1- Picture Sharing App For Medical Professionals

Figure1, a photo sharing app for medical professionals was launched this year. The app allows members of the health community to share photos of strange medical conditions with other professionals around the world with the hopes of coming up with a diagnosis.

In the above picture, the blue colouring on the forearm and hand is a result of purposely dying the growth with methylene blue, the actual diagnosis is unknown.

3D-Printed Heart

Advances in 3D printing technology allowed doctors to print a life-sized replica of a human heart using CT scans of an actual patient. The 3D-printed heart can help doctors better plan repairs for congenital heart defects before the actual operation. Being able to practice beforehand on the life size model also helped to cut down the time of the actual surgery and eliminate the need for multiple surgeries.

Jaxon Emmett Buell-The Boy Born Without Most Of His Skull Missing

Little Jaxon was diagnosed with microhydranencephaly, a type of brain malformation that causes severe intellectual disability and deformed skulls, but in Jaxon’s case, it meant that most of his brain and skull were missing. The condition only affects an estimated one in every 4,859 babies born in the U.S. each year, most of which die shortly after birth.

Jaxon’s parents were told of his medical condition before his birth but still decided to carry on the pregnancy. Although Jaxon was not expected to survive very long, he managed to beat all odds and celebrated his first birthday this past September.  

3D Nipple Tattoos (LVT Dermagrafix Inc.)

Medical Daily featured a story on Maryland-based tattoo artist Vinnie Myers. For the past decade Myers has specialized in tattooing 3D nipples onto breast cancer survivors who have lost or damaged their nipped due to mastectomies.

Myers estimates that he has worked on over 7,500 women so far and has even begun to travel in order to provide his one-of-a-kind service elsewhere.
Face Transplant

Former volunteer firefighter Patrick Hardison, 41, of Senatobia Mississippi sustained serious burns after getting caught in a fire in 2001. Hardison lost his scalp, ears, eyelids, nose, and lips as a result, but luckily was able to walk away with his life.

This year, doctors at NYU Langone Hospital in New York were able to give him the most extensive face transplant to date, restoring a bit of normalcy to Hardison’s life. 

I must say I found the pictures of the Syrian baby with shrapnel and the other baby in Pigg-O-Stat most fascinating. Which was your favourite?

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