Friday, 13 November 2015

(Video) Dental Hygienist Wrestles 12-Foot, 363kg (800-Pound) Alligator in Shopping Centre Parking Lot

Last Saturday, a massive alligator was spotted in a parking of a shopping center in Sugar Land, Texas.

Authorities needed assistance, so they called up the gator-removal experts. Christy Krobroth, a petite dental hygienist and professional gator wrangler, arrived on the scene and gave everyone a clinic in wrestling gators.

Surprisingly, Krobroth is a member of the Gator Squad, an alligator removal team licensed by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

“A lot of times when I show up on a call, it’s cops and mostly guys,” Kobroth told a TV station. “They’re like, ‘Texas Parks & Wildlife sent you?’ They kind of doubt me at first, until I really get them taped and ready to go.”

Krobroth successfully wrangled the 12-foot, 800-pound alligator, which is believed to be 50 years old and blind in one eye. The beast was so big that a forklift was required to move it to a sanctuary.

Wow! Talk about a strong woman.

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