Monday, 30 November 2015

UK Junior Doctors Will Begin Strike On Tuesday

Apparently, it's not only in Nigeria that doctors go on strike because of unfavourable work conditions and pay cuts.

In the UK, junior doctors are also poised to begin a three-phase strike action, with the first phase starting on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

In the first-phase, doctors will provide only emergency care for 24hrs, with full stoppages on Dec 8 and Dec 16.

To fill the void left by the doctors, the government plans to use army medics, who are not allowed to go on strike, to provide medical assistance.

A British Medical Association (BMA) spokesman said: “We don’t expect there will be a huge number of Army turning up at hospitals, but we are expecting a number of Army medics.”
Army Medics
The spokesman added: “We want to keep the NHS going. We have said from the very, very beginning we didn’t want to get to the stage of strike action. But junior doctors feel they have no other way of getting their voices heard.”

Every time doctors go on strike in Nigeria, you will hear "but you took an oath to save lives." Yes, that is true, but no doctor took the oath to "suffer."

I'm watching to see how the UK government will respond to the situation--- bearing in mind that it's the first 'all out' strike ever in the history of the National Health Service (NHS).

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