Friday, 13 November 2015

UFO Dubbed 'WTF' Will Collide With Earth Today (Friday)

According to the European Space Agency, something is going to fall to Earth on Friday, 13 November.

The probable piece of space junk known as WT1190F is causing serious buzz online, because WT1190F will approach Earth on Friday, November 13. The ominous-sounding date of Friday the 13th along with the mysterious nature of WT1190F has folks more curious about WT1190F.

The object is said to be the remains of a previous space mission, most likely a spent rocket from one of the recent robotic moon missions or even a relic from the Apollo era.

 According to Slooh, even though WT1190F is scheduled to crash land on Earth on Friday the 13th, it might not be a bad crash landing. WT1190F making it back into the Earth’s atmosphere will be an opportunity for scientists to discover how space junk changes and morphs — or burns up — upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere.

WTF's landing is predicted to be over the Indian Ocean, approximately 62 miles from the coast of Sri Lanka and that area has been declared a no-fly zone. Also all boating activities in that area have been suspended.

According to astronomers, WTF is too small and fragile to be likely to make it to the surface but as it disintegrates, the smaller fragments will rapidly burn up creating a brilliant display of fireballs that may be visible streaking across the midday sky to the south of Sri Lanka.

WTF1190F is not the first human-made object to fall from orbit, nor is it the largest.

All I can say is whoever nicknamed the UFO "WTF" has a funny sense of humour.

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