Monday, 16 November 2015

The Right Way To Wash Your Face

Here's a video tutorial from the American Academy of Dermatology explaining the right way to wash  your face, to make a difference in your appearance.

Watch the video below:


Use a mild gentle cleanser that doesn’t dry out your face. Avoid ingredients like isopropyl alcohol, antibacterial, deodorant soaps, or retinoids unless you have acne.

Dampen your face with lukewarm water (not hot!) and use the tips of your fingers to massage the cleaner into your face. Your fingertips apply the perfect amount of pressure; stay away from using anything else to scrub the face that can irritate your skin.

Pat dry with a soft towel. Again, don’t scrub your face, just dab at it. Skin is more sensitive than you think!

Apply moisturizer. Use night cream at night and a moisturizer/sunscreen (SPF > 30!) in the morning. When you use eye cream at night, dermatologists recommend using your 4th finger for application because that exerts the least amount of pressure out of your functional fingers (I mean, the pinky is pretty useless).

Wash your face twice a day and after sweating, because you don’t want to your pores to get clogged up with oil leading to breakouts. This means you need to wash your face after you hit the gym or anytime you wear a hat or visor.

Did you know there was a specific way to wash your face? Any special techniques you employ? Please share below in the comments!

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