Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The End of Ebola in Guinea is Close

Great news--Ebola’s worst epidemic may soon be over.

Guinea has released the last 68 people who were exposed to the virus from quarantine.

Out of the 3 Ebola-hit countries, Guinea is the only one yet to be declared free of Ebola. However, the country has successfully eradicated most of the cases.

The last confirmed case of Ebola in the country is a baby who is due for release from a treatment centre next week. As soon as the baby is released, Guinea can begin the 42-day period without a confirmed case that is required to declare the country free of the Ebola virus.

Meanwhile, in Brazil, a man who began showing symptoms of the hemorrhagic fever after a trip to Guinea has tested negative for a second time and will be released soon.

It will be a day of great celebration when Guinea is officially declared free.

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