Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Police probe CCTV which shows woman falling to her death off bus

Police have detained the driver of a bus after this CCTV footage emerged of him rowing with a female passenger before the doors inexplicably opened and killed her.

In this footage Sandra Vergara Cisternas, 51, is seen falling from the bus as she took out her mobile to film Fernando Irribara, 54, when he refused to let her pay a reduced fare with her student pass.

His defence solicitor claims her death was an accident and his client had no idea Sandra was leaning against the door when he opened it .

But he has been remanded in jail on suspicion of the mature student's homicide after Chilean prosecutors said tests had shown the bus doors were working properly and refuted his version of events.

Last night the victim’s family called for the bus driver to be formally charged over her death and face a jail sentence which could mean he spends the next decade in prison if found guilty.

The tragedy happened in Chile’s second largest city of Concepcion.

Sandra had enrolled on a social workers’ course after divorcing an allegedly violent ex-partner and was on her way to college.

Her brother David Vergara said: “She died while she was defending a right which had been refused.

“Knowing her the way I did, she wouldn’t have accepted the treatment she received and I’m sure she wanted to take a photo of the driver and video him so she could then report him.

“She was on the last term of her studies and it’s terrible that her life has been cut short in this way.

Witness Alejandro Gonzalez said: “She was arguing with the driver. The bus stopped and when I saw her she was already on the floor.”

State prosecutor Paulo Pucheu said: “Tests have shown the door mechanism was working correctly and we saw that in the images.

“The driver was perfectly aware he was carrying a passenger in the area near the stairs when this incident occurred.

“Our belief at this stage is that he opened the door without any justification and with the sole intention that the person in that place fell.”

Experts are continuing to analyse the video Sandra took on her mobile phone before deciding whether to charge the driver with homicide or the lesser charge of manslaughter .

Source- The Mirror

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