Saturday, 14 November 2015

Pharm Akintayo Meets 13 Point Agenda, Proudly Bows Out as PSN President

The President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN), Pharmacist Olumide Akintayo has bowed out of office after fulfilling the 13-point agenda he made in his presidential manifesto.

Akintayo, whose tenure is set to end this week, proudly made the announcement  during the week-long 2015 Pharmacists Annual General Meeting in Abuja, billed to end today.

The 13-point agenda included: Setting up of the pharmacy academy; Fee based practice and use of professional seal; PSN I.D Directory, I. D cards and Certificate of membership; Pricing of drugs; Professional studies; Judicial redress of offensive development; Establishment of the National Postgraduate College of Pharmacists; The routine programmes; World Pharmacists Day; World Disease Days; Welfare of pharmacists; Relationship with professional bodies, Global platforms and other affiliate groups; and Advocacy and media relations.

Akintayo said: “As at the 2014 Annual National Conference, I had reported to the AGM that we had effectively delivered in 12 out of the 13 major areas of deliverables.

Colleagues, I have deployed all my skills, talent and wisdom to take this profession to the next level in the last three years. It is time to take a bow for a new lease of life. I thank you all for the immensity of your liberality which obviously nurtured and sustained my PSN career in the almost thirty years I have been a player at State, National and International levels."

“It is my conviction that after a quality keynote address at this conference lives will change and destinies will attain overflowing greatness. Colleagues would have observed our consistent reforms in information technology processes to drive this conference."

“Our VIP forum will recognize all key government functionaries who have assisted us in the last three years as we appreciate them and give them insight into new projections. Do take advantage of the Social Night on Thursday November 12, 2015 and the refreshingly packaged closing banquet where we hope to feed you until you are “fed up”.

"Do enjoy yourselves at the conference because I am sure you reckon there are conferences and there is the conference, Unity 2015."

He's definitely happy going into retirement-- Nothing beats knowing you achieved your goals after working so hard.

And I noticed he has a good sense of humour too....check the italicized sentences. Lol...

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