Thursday, 19 November 2015

Oyo State Builds The Largest Abbatoir In Nigeria

After years of construction and perfecting administrative procedures, the Oyo State Government is set to inaugurate a N4 Billion abattoir--the largest in Nigeria.

The abattoir, located along Ibadan-Oyo Expressway in Akinyele Local Government Area was built to meet the meat processing standards of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The abbatoir complex will house a police station, clinic, commercial bank and other social services.
The New Abbatoir 

It also has a lairage comprising the Veterinary Doctors’ Office, Health Officers’ Office, Modern Laboratory and three concrete-paved holding pens for animals before slaughtering.

Speaking about the abattoir, the Chairman of the Oyo State branch of the Association of Veterinary Doctors, Dr Musbau Ibrahim, said the association would be the happiest to witness its inauguration.

Dr Ibrahim said a modern abattoir is central to the health of the public, given the fact that Nigerians consume much meat.

The veterinarian also expressed hope that meat can be exported from the abattoir, adding that it will also help the disease reporting system in the country.

The abbatoir is expected to be fully functional in December.

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