Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Nurses demand apology from Senator Alli Ndume

This letter was written by a body of nurses after Senator Ndume made some derogatory remarks about them. Read the letter below:

Open letter to Senator Mohammed Alli Ndume.


We hereby write in respect of the political statement allegedly made by you as recently published in the media.

In one of your releases, you have been quoted as saying:

“PDP is in a coma and only God knows when it will recover. As you can see now, they do not have any doctor or pharmacist and the only nurse is Olisa Metuh.”

Sir, this statement is not only derogatory but highly demeaning! And as a respectable senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria, we believe you should know better!

In a country like ours where nursing has been left in the lurch by those expected to protect its image, where nurses have become unappreciated and unheralded in spite of their contributions to the survival and sustenance of the Nigerian healthcare sector, where nursing has been singled out as the scapegoat of the failure of the healthcare sector and has now become the subject of battering and condemnation in the eye of the public; we do not deserve this further demeaning treatment from you sir!

Analyzing your intentionally damaging political statement above, it could be deduced that you imply that the political figure whose name you mentioned in the statement is an object of derision. Using nurses however as a 'symbolism' to depict your target of mockery is not only disrespectful to the noblest profession of all time but also considered as a deliberate, calculated attempt to drag the image of the nursing profession in the mud.

You are not only mocking the hundreds of thousands of Nigerian nurses (both home and abroad but the millions of nurses all over the globe.

We therefore pronounce your latest political utterances quoted above as gross unethical name denting, calculated disrespectful taunt and expensive national satire!

The above statement credited to you though unexpected is totally unacceptable from a respectable Nigerian senator like you.
In dragging the image of nursing in the mud and singling out our most cherished profession as an object of derision in your political wars, you goofed in this one sir!

We respect your vibrant contributions to ongoing national issues. We want to believe you have good intentions for our dear country Nigeria and we assume that you have deep respect and high regard for nurses.
Nurses are beautiful creatures known for their remarkably hard working and self sacrificing attributes and wonderful work of keeping the hopes of millions of client and patients alive!
At a time when the entire body of Nigerian nurses is being unjustly vilified because of the numerous criminal actions of uneducated quacks; at a time when the profession is working round the clock to address the gross misdeeds of a few bad eggs who needs to be flushed out of our system, what we deserve from politicians and the public is not mockery but deep appreciation and outstanding recognition of our indispensable contributions to the survival of the Nigerian health sector.

We therefore categorically demand that you, within the next 48 hours, tender an unreserved apology not only to Nigerian nurses (home and diaspora) but to the millions of nurses all over the world working their socks off to care for and keep the hopes of millions of patients alive.

Remeber that millions of nurses all over the world are visibly unhappy with you, they are watching and waiting!

We believe you will take this message in good faith and take immediate responsible action to correct the wrong you have done us!

Thanking you in anticipation of your immediate action.

- The Inspired Nurses Network, Africa (I.N.N.A)



Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume should apologize to nurses all over the world!


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