Friday, 6 November 2015

‘Nigeria running sick care system not health care system’- Dr. Shehu Adaramaja

Governments at all levels have been advised to look into the health care system in the country by changing its pattern from running a sick care system to a health care system.

One of the guest speakers at the symposium/scientific session of the 2015 Physicians Week organised by the Kwara State chapter of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Dr. Shehu R. Adaramaja gave the advice in Ilorin.

Adaramaja who spoke on the role of health educators in prevention of diseases noted that education is an important component of outreach for the prevention and control of diseases.

“Health education improves the awareness of health risk which are the basis for disease prevention and health promotion. Effective dissemination of helpful health information and prevention strategies as well as signs and symptoms of diseases offers a cost-effective means of reducing morbidity,” he said

Chairman of Kwara State chapter of NMA, Dr. Abubakar O. Ayinla, said the essence of the Physicians Week was for the appraisal of what they have been doing, and to remind members to remain committed in undertaking activities that foster the health of the nation and her citizens.

I couldn't agree more. Prevention is better than cure and it's sad that people are not as aware as they should be on how to prevent diseases.

But on further thought, if they did know what to do, will they comply?

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