Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Mobile Phone Usage Patterns By Nigerian Healthcare Professionals

Nigeria's First Pre-Incubation Space, CcHUB conducted a survey to better understand mobile phone usage patterns among Nigerian healthcare professionals. 1,243 health workers were interviewed in Lagos over a 4-week period.

Almost half of the survey group (43.8%) were nursing practitioners while 17% were general medical practitioners; others included community health workers (10.9%), specialist medical workers (5.3%) and pharmacists (3.5%).

The infographics of the survey below:

Survey highlights:

- The Medical Dictionary (44.2%) and Medscape (43.1%) are the most popular healthcare mobile applications

- 44.5% of survey respondents report that mobile phones significantly improve communication within the hospital

- To improve their work, 44.6% of respondents use their mobile phones to keep in touch with patients

- The most common mobile phone activities are web browsing (33.1%) and making phone calls (32.7%)

- 36.4% of respondents use their devices for continuous learning, improvement and research.

- About one third of respondents (34.8%) earn between NGN 20,000 - NGN 50,000 per month. 30.7% earn a monthly salary between N 50,000 - N 100,000

- Whatsapp (29.9%) is the most used mobile chat application amongst health practitioners

- 78.6% of our sample size use mobile internet

- 64.6% spending between NGN 1,000-NGN 2,000 a month on data

Source-Pulse News

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