Thursday, 5 November 2015

Messy Battle! UNTH Doctors Drag Management to Court

Executives of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku Ozalla, Enugu have finally dragged the hospital's management to court in a protracted messy battle.

The doctors and the management have been at each other's throats for a while now, with both sides mudslinging and slandering the other.

With the doctors being on strike for over a month, the management decided to take drastic steps. They sent a threatening notice signed by Bar S. Ike Nkume on behalf of the hospital's Management which stated that: house officers/interns who refused to resume work on Monday, 2nd November, 2015 would be sacked/replaced. The notice was also announced on Radio Nigeria, Coal City FM several times.

If the letter was meant to intimidate, it definitely failed woefully because it spurred the doctors to more battle.
Cows grazing in UNTH

In response the executives wrote a letter stating that house officers are full members of the ARD UNTH and are protected by many laws including :

  • Section 40 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and 
  • a circular from the Federal Ministry of Health dated 4th July, 2014 with Ref No: C2262T/19 signed on behalf of the Honourable Minister by the Permanent Secretary Mr Linus Awute, conferring freedom on house officers to belong to ARD.

They also implored the National Industrial Court of Nigeria in Suit No: NICN/EN/100/2015 to restrain the Director of Administration, Barr S. Ike Nkume and the Chief Medical Director, Dr C. C. Amah and their agents/cronies from victimizing, sacking or replacing any of the Members of ARD UNTH including the house-officers in the course of the present industrial dispute which they caused in its entirety.

ARD UNTH also expressed so much disappointment that the DA of UNTH, Bar S. Ike Nkume, who rose through the ranks of Civil Service in the manner he did would allow himself to be used for such a regrettable move.

In a letter signed by the ARD President, the doctors appealed to the public to bear with them till a peaceful resolution of the dispute.

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