Sunday, 15 November 2015

MDCN Starts Online Registration and Payment

The Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria has commenced its e-registration and payment procedure. and gave the details on their website as follows:

  1. MDCN creates a portal account/access  for a  doctor with the doctor’s folio number, full name and e-mail address.
  2. An automatic information from the MDCN is then sent to the registered e-mail address on how to proceed.
  3. Follow the link as shown on the e-mail received to supply a personal password and login to your profile with the MDCN.
 As an alternative to no. 3 above, go to, click on ‘sign in’ , click on ‘reset password’, supply your email address and click on reset password to submit, then check your mail and follow the link from the automatic mail you will receive from the MDCN to type in your password.
  1. Click on your name to access the general registration form.
  2. Click on the ‘edit’ button and fill the Personal, Educational, Registration and Employment sections of the form where it applies to you.
  3. Double click on the box beside your name to upload a passport size photograph of yourself.
  4. Click on ‘Attachment’ at the top of your form; then click ‘Add’ to upload attachments if any.
  5. Click on ‘save’ button to retain the changes.
  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Pay a Federal Government Agency’
  3. Fill the form as follows:
  • Name of MDA (select ) : Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
  • Name of Service/Purpose (select ): Select the type of service you are paying for
  • Amount to Pay (N) (type) : amount you are to pay
  • Payer’s Full Name  (type): Your full name
  • Payer’s Email (type): Your e-mail
  • Payer’s Phone (type): Your phone number.
  1. Continue by following the screen information to complete your payment.
  1. If the Service you are paying for is not in 3b. above, select ‘others’ ,then type the service name under ‘description’.
  1.  The payee can print the page containing the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number generated through the process and take it to any Commercial Bank for payment or choose choose to continue making payment through ATM card by selecting CARD payment option.


  1. thanks for the info doc But do we also upload our CMEs on the site too

    1. There is a section for educational info. I think you can add CMES there after filling your university details.

  2. How do u get the receipt of payment?

    1. There'll be an online receipt after payment that you can print immediately or save for printing later. You can also print the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number generated after you complete the process and take it to any Bank for payment. Then you'll get a teller copy as evidence of payment.

  3. hello, please how do i get folio number? Thanks

    1. Hello Sammy, your folio number is on your provisional registration certificate as well as on your annual practicing licence certificate.
      In addition, MDCN will send you a mail with your login account data containing your folio number (which will be your user name) and a link to set or change your password.
      Try checking your certificates for your folio number before attempting to use the MDCN website.

  4. Hi hi after paying into remita is dt all...Does dt mean I hv renewed my license,no need to upload c.m.e points or upload the remita receipt..thanks


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