Thursday, 12 November 2015

JOHESU Faults Report Exonerating CMD of Federal Medical Centre

Dr. Angela Uwakwem

The Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) have picked holes in the Federal Ministry of Health’s report, which cleared the Chief Medical Director of (CMD) of Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Owerri, Angela Uwakwem of any wrong doing in the accusations leveled against her.

Some of the allegations earlier raised against Dr. Uwakwem include denial of the 2013 and 2014 promotion arrears that runs into several millions of naira and that she paid herself for spending extra hour at work against the civil service rule, among others.

One of her accusers,, described her as, "Looter Dr Angela Uwakwem: The MD FMC Owerri Goddess Of Corruption."

Following the allegations, the Federal Ministry of Health set up a committee to examine the issues. The panel handed in its report last week, clearing her of the accusations.

But Health workers under the auspices of Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) have refused to accept the report of the investigating committee crying foul in the manner the report was submitted.

National President of Medical and Health Workers’ Union of Nigeria, Biobelemoye Joy Josaiah, told newsmen in Abuja that the process leading to the report as fraudulent.

He said: “In a report hurriedly written without our input and in desperation to ensure that the matter is swept under the carpet before the resumption of the minister of health who would be coming with the change mantra of Mr President, Dr. Uwakwem was exonerated from any financial misappropriation and corruption. Nothing can be farther than the truth."

I don't know the truth either, but that comment "Goddess of corruption" shocked me. Whoever came up with it has a vivid imagination. Lol.

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