Friday, 13 November 2015

Israelis Raid a Hospital, Kill One (Shocking Video)

Mourners at the funeral of a man killed by Israeli undercover forces in a raid at Al-Ahli hospital, in the West Bank. 
About two dozen men wearing bulky jackets, woolen caps, hoodies and checkered kaffiyehs barged into a hospital in the West Bank city of Hebron before dawn on Thursday, pushing what appeared to be a very pregnant woman in a wheelchair.

But they were not headed to the delivery ward.

The people caught on the hospital surveillance cameras were, in fact, undercover Israeli security officers. About 10 minutes later, the Israelis were on their way out, leaving behind a Palestinian man whom they had fatally shot in the raid and wheeling out his cousin, a wounded patient whom they had come to arrest, according to hospital officials.

“Hospitals are supposed to be the safest places on earth,” Jihad Shawar, the hospital director, told the official Voice of Palestine Radio. He said the relatives of the two cousins were “very angry.”

The Israeli military said in a statement that officers had arrested Azzam Azat Shaaban Shalalda, 20, a resident of the village of Sair, near Hebron.

Mr. Shalalda, they said, stabbed an Israeli civilian in the chest in the West Bank last month, severely wounding him. As he tried to flee, Mr. Shalalda was shot and wounded by his victim, but he managed to reach the Ahli Hospital, where he was taken in for treatment. He was in the surgery ward on the third floor when the raid occurred.
A medic pointing to a stray bullet hole in the hospital

In a similar raid last month, undercover Israeli forces entered a hospital in Nablus, in the northern West Bank, and snatched a suspect in a fatal shooting that killed an Israeli couple, Eitam and Naama Henkin, as they drove with their four children in the West Bank. The suspect was accidentally shot and wounded by another gunman at the scene of the attack.

I can't believe this happened in a hospital. Too bad!

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