Saturday, 7 November 2015

I was fed up with suffering – Boy, who jumped from three-storey building

A boy in a shocking video, which showed him purportedly plunging to the ground from a window of the top floor of a three-storey building in Ogba area of Lagos, said he was not actually trying to commit suicide.

In the video which has been circulating on social media since Friday October 31, sympathisers raced to the scene fearing he might not survive the fall, only to see that 14-year-old Abdulraman Musa, had survived but fractured his right leg in multiple places.

The story became a criminal investigation and was transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba, when residents of Oluwole Estate, Ogba, Lagos, where the incident occurred reported that the boy was pushed down from the window.

Our correspondent spoke with the boy at the DCI, when he came with his father to make a statement.

He told our correspondent that he was being severely maltreated by his step-mother and simply wanted to escape the suffering on Thursday October 29, 2015, when he was filmed jumping from the window.

He said, “My stepmother locked me in a room when she went out and said I must not go out.

“I just wanted to run away because I have been suffering because of how she was treating me. I always reported to my dad and my dad would warn her not to treat me badly but the suffering never stopped. That is why I decided to run away from the house through the window.”

Abdurahman’s father, Umar Musa, and his mother have separated.

Musa carried him on his back to the DCI as the boy could not walk at all.

Umar said he had always rebuked his wife for maltreating the boy but said what the boy did was foolish.

Police investigators on the case said no arrest has been made in the case as they have visited the neighbourhood after seeing the video and learnt that indeed the boy was not pushed from the window.

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