Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Husband kills wife's RAPIST, hacks off his penis - then cooked & ate it

A furious husband,Rudi Efendi is accused of killing his wife's rapist, hacking off his penis before cooking and EATING it.

The victim was found dead in the village of Penumangan Lama, Jakarta, Indonesia. Local police said the husband had also set the corpse ablaze in a car.

Despite being burnt, it was clear to police that the victim’s body had been mutilated, with a wound on his ear, bruises on his head and his genitals cut off.Police eventually identified Efendi and Nuriah as suspects in Rudi’s murder.

After his arrest, they claim Efendi confessed to murdering Rudi and cutting off his genitals. After the grim deed was done, he took Rudi’s penis home with him where he fried it."Then I ate his ‘vital tool’,” Efendi told police according to a local report by media outlet, Kompas.

Efendi said the cannibalistic act was a form of medicine. "I ate it to heal my heart ache towards the victim,” he said. Police say the married couple recently and that's when Efendi's wife claimed she had been raped by a previous boyfriend a week before her wedding.

After hearing that, Efendi plotted Rudi’s murder. He asked Nuriah make an appointment to meet the victim in Penumangan Lama Village. Efendi then showed up instead and killed Rudi by stabbing him, said local reports.

He then mutilated the body, set the car on fire and went home to eat his unthinkable meal, said the paper.Despite his wife being arrested, Efendi insisted Nuriah was not involved in the killing and should not be held responsible for his crime."I did it alone. My wife was not involved," he said.


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