Monday, 23 November 2015

"How Fertile Are you?"- A New Test Can Tell How Many Eggs A Woman Has Left

American doctors have designed a test for women between 18 - 35yrs, who want to become mothers.

The test is able to check the fertility status of women and let them know if they are at risk from premature ovarian ageing (POA) - a condition one in 10 women have, which means they will have fewer eggs than average for their age.

It's a known fact that women over 35 years are not as fertile as younger women because women lose their eggs over time (with each ovulation/menstrual cycle) - unlike men who produce sperm all their lives.

The test is very important during this critical period in history when women are more independent and busy pursuing their careers, making many start families late in life.

The screening involves three blood tests and providing information about lifestyle and family history. Experts look for hormonal changes and genetic defects which leave women at greater risk of infertility.

Dr Norbert Gleicher, of New York’s Center for Human Reproduction and founder of the screening programme, “What’s My Fertility” said: “POA screening will empower women with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions earlier in life and will help them avoid the emotional and hefty costs of later infertility treatments.”

The test costs about N17000 (£65). So if you want to find out how fertile you are, you are in luck........if you travel overseas. Smile*

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