Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Government Bars Medical Graduates From NYSC Until They Have Licences

In an effort to stamp out quackery and untoward practices in medical practice in the country, the federal government on Monday barred all graduates of medicine from participating in the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) until they have been qualified as medical doctors and have secured a practising licence from the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN).

The move came amid several complaints about the level of quackery displayed by some of the Youth Corps members posted mostly to rural areas to provide medical services.

The Registrar/Chief Executive of MDCN, Dr. Abdulmumini Ibrahim, who read the decision during a press briefing on Monday in Abuja explained that the council took the decision following series of complaints by the NYSC management that all manners of persons parading themselves as medical doctors have become desperate to proceed on service.

"There has been increasing number of personal non-grata people who are not trained impersonating as medical doctors. The NYSC has inundated us with complaints. Those who have completed their one year internship have been given certificates. Most corpers are sent to rural areas. They can only go to service upon presentation of their practice licence", he stated.

So although doctors/ex-house officers are allowed in camp pending the issuance of a permanent licence, they will not be allowed to serve without a permanent licence.

Same goes for medical graduates "sneaking" into camp. They will not be allowed into the youth service scheme until they have a permanent licence.

The permanent licence, issued after a completed internship/housemanship (not the provisional licence issued to medical graduates) grants a doctor the right to practise without supervision (and as a corper) in Nigeria.

In my opinion, this licence confusion would not exist in the first place if MDCN hadn't unnecessarily delayed the issuance of  licences to doctors who have completed their internship.

We really need a more efficient system.


  1. This matter has so many issues underlying;
    1. Some doctors were just houseboys during their internships so u can't blame dem if they quack wen unsupervised
    2. Some non-doctors r being called doctors. For instance, where I serve, the health workers r called "likita" i.e doctor in Hausa. If they do somtin quack, it would be said dat likita did quack n many might thing its actually likita
    Won't say more but I concur to a more efficient system.. #DrE

    1. I agree and thanks for shedding more light on "Likita." I never knew about them.
      Considering people like the "likitas," quackery looks like a monster with many heads. Cut off one and another takes its place.

  2. This just goes to show the level of depreciation in the country's health system.. The funny thing is that no one actually really cares.. They might show concern but those in power can't really be bothered because they treat themselves outside the shores of the country even for ordinary catarrh.. So tell me, how can the health system get better.
    2ndly, MDCN needs to put their home in order.. They r the cause of all the so called drama with this license issue... N as for the quackery issue, they shud check it, those they catch show full registration not temporary license. So tell me.. Who do we blame when their so called full registration is been forged every now n then

    1. You just hit the nail on the head but men, you've opened a can of worms with the forgery issue. Chei!

    2. There are just too many angles to this issue of quackery. In one case, a quack murdered a doctor to steal his licence and continued posing as a doctor.
      If there was a regularly updated database where everyone could look up registered doctors and their pictures, it'd go a long way in resolving this issue of fake doctors and health workers.


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