Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Feminist blogger uses HER VAGINAL YEAST to make bread

A feminist blogger has been insulted as 'mentally ill' on Twitter after making a BIZARRE confession-- she used her vaginal yeast to make bread.

Zoe Stavri, who blogs under the title Another Angry Woman, said when she found herself suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, she made the unusual decision to use the unwanted bodily fluid as an ingredient for making bread.

Using a sex aid to retrieve the yeast from her vagina, Stavri used it as a base ingredient for sour-dough, a loaf which often takes several days for the 'starter' dough to ferment.

The experimental baker added her self-made ingredient to flour and water and then watched as the fermentation process began, taking pictures along the way. 

The photos documenting the unusual bread-making method has received an onslaught of comments with many people accusing Stavri of being 'mentally ill.'

I'm like--this is wow and sickening at the same time.

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