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Celebrity Dermatologist, Dr. Lancer Makes Snail Venom Serum To Firm Cleavage

Would you rub SNAIL venom on your chest to firm-up your cleavage?

I'm betting you'll say yes after reading this-- although the retail price may bother

Inspired by the growing demand for anti-aging products for the neck and décolleté, Kim Kardashian's skin guru, Dr. Harold Lancer, created a chest firming serum made out of snail venom.

And Victoria Beckham, 41, has already taken to her Instagram page to laud the doctor's $185 Contour Décolleté as her new 'must have' item.

'Contour Décolleté was born directly from trends I began to see here at my practice in Beverly Hills,' Dr. Lancer told Daily Mail Online. 'Beautiful, meticulous women were coming to me with the same problem - a perfectly cared for face and a neglected neck and décolleté.

Lucy Hale, Mena Suvari, Nick Cannon and Ryan Seacrest are all fans of the Beverly Hills-based dermatologist.

According to Dr. Lancer, the firming concentrate's Marine Cone Snail Venom will significantly
reduce the appearance of lines, chest wrinkles and crepey skin texture, while its 'acid-free exfoliating blend' helps plump the skin.

But is this serum really worth the hefty price tag of $185? Some women were quite happy to find out it was.

Femail Editor Charlie Lankston, 27, reporter Erica Tempesta, 30, and her mother Renee Barbini, 54, all used Dr. Lancer's Contour Décolleté for one week, and this is what they found:

Erica Tempesta, 30, US Femail Reporter

I love nothing more than testing a new beauty product, but I admit that besides rubbing some
moisturizer on my neck after I shower, I tend to ignore my décolletage.

For seven days, I used the Contour Décolleté, on my neck and chest, and I immediately noticed that my skin was unbelievably soft. If it wasn't $185 for 1.7 ounces, I would have started slathering it all over my arms, stomach and legs, but I think you need Kim's bank account to start doing that.

And while it is not something I can really afford in my day-to-day life, I feel better knowing it is out there for when I really start to get wrinkled.

Renee Barbini, 54, Store Manager

I have never had treatment that I used for my decolletage area, so I was intrigued when Erica asked me if I wanted to try Dr. Lancer's product.

In my 54 years, I have noticed fine lines appearing on my upper chest and neckline, but I instantly saw a difference in appearance when I started using the serum.

I noticed how soft my skin was an pleasantly surprised to see that it stayed soft even after a night'seep.  

Within a few days time I noticed that my skin was firmer and the fine lines seemed to fade. After being away for a few days and forgetting to pack the serum, I realized that my skin was not as soft and my lines were noticeable again.

I will continue to use this product faithfully until it is gone. If money wasn't an issue I would absolutely buy it and see what other products were available from Dr. Lancer.

Unfortunately, I am not able to purchase this product at this time at this price point, but if my daughters are looking for Christmas gift ideas, I'd love some more beauty products!

Charlie Lankston, 27, US Femail Editor

I'm a big fan of beauty - and really enjoy testing out new products. And while I don't necessarily have any wrinkles on my chest just yet (no doubt they're on their way!) I was eager to see whether Dr. Lancer's serum would help with my dry skin, and also work to keep my neck nice and firm.

I began using the Contour Décolleté serum on a Sunday evening, right after enjoying a delightfully hot bath - and I have to admit, I haven't felt quite so luxurious and decadent in a long time.

The serum feels lovely to apply, it sinks nicely into the skin, without leaving any kind of tacky residue, and almost immediately after putting it on, I felt a difference in terms of the smoothness and softness of my skin.

And after one whole week of use, the different was quite remarkable; yes there were no wrinkles for the serum to tackle, but I'm happy to report that it still managed to have its uses, and I have no doubt that I'll have reached the bottom of the bottle in no time at all.

Now, it's very doubtful that I would ever be able to afford $185 for such a targeted beauty product, particularly when it is targeted at fixing problems that I don't really have yet. But in a few years' time I may well have changed my mind.


Dr. Harold Lancer is known for his Three-Step Method and his products are used by numerous celebrities, including Lucy Hale, Mena Suvari, Ryan Seacrest, and Nick Cannon.

'I prescribe the Lancer Three-Step Method - step one, polish; step two, cleanse; step three, nourish - to all of my patients, regardless of how sophisticated they are about cosmetics,' he told Daily Mail Online last year.

However, for those who can't afford his luxurious products, Dr. Lancer also shared his tips for getting A-list skin at a fraction of the price.

A surprisingly good option for a basic yet effective cleanser is a simple baby shampoo - as it’s so gentle on skin it will remove dirt without irritating.

In order to prevent wasting money on products that irritate your skin, rub a little of the product on the
soft skin on the inside of your arm before you buy, if there is no redness or irritation, then it should be fine for your face, neck and décolletage.

Keep your skin care products in the refrigerator to extend their shelf life - especially key if you have invested in high-quality, expensive product.

Always wash your face in tepid water, as hot water and steam wash away natural oils and leach moisture from your skin.

Get your beauty sleep! Collagen production is accelerated during sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, not enough collagen is produced to replace what inflammation breaks down. Not getting enough sleep also aggravates existing skin conditions - increased inflammation leads to acne breakouts and increased skin sensitivity.

Commit to your skin regime - to see an improvement you have to be consistent. Without dedication to your skincare regime, the dead cells you remove through the polish and cleanse steps will simply accumulate again, and cell renewal will slow considerably. Skin is alive, which is why you can change and improve it. Stop taking care of it, and it will revert to its previous state.

Embrace a high protein diet - your hair, nails and skin all need a constant supply of protein for growth and repair. Amino acids L-lysine and L-proline create collagen - and stimulating collagen production is key to younger looking skin. Good sources of protein that correspond to anti-ageing nutrition include: Lean meats, skinless, organic poultry, fish, egg whites, lentils and beans, nuts and whole grains, e.g. quinoa.

Cut back on salt - although essential in small amounts, salt encourages fluid retention and can irritate the lining of your pores, because excess salt is eliminated through your skin via perspiration, Idoized salt exacerbates acne, so cutting back can really help clear up your skin.

Cucumber is an underrated super food - the high water content is great for your skin, and the silica in the peel boosts collagen production. Try to find cucumbers that have not been waxed.

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