Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dr. Ben Carson's story of stabbing a friend falls apart

Oh No! There's blood in the water and Dr Ben Carson's swimming in it.

The renowned neurosurgeon is vying to be elected the next black president of the USA and expectedly, his life and work have come under intense scrutiny.

Recently his story about stabbing a friend in his widely acclaimed autobiography 'Gifted hands,' was discredited and he's been called a "liar."

The story, as it’s generally repeated, is that when Carson was 14, he tried to stab a friend and/or classmate, only to have his knife hit the kid’s belt buckle and break; that instant Carson reconsiders his temper and begins to find God.
Dr.Ben Carson and his wife

CNN reported Thursday that in conversations with Carson’s childhood friends and acquaintances, no one recognizes the story or the violent kid being described:

All of the people interviewed expressed surprise about the incidents Carson has described. No one
challenged the stories directly. Some of those interviewed expressed scepticism, but noted that they could not know what had happened behind closed doors.

Gerald Ware, a classmate at Southwestern High School said he was “shocked” to read about the violence in Carson’s book.

“I don’t know nothing about that,” said Ware, who still lives in southwestern Detroit. “It would have been all over the whole school.”

On Thursday, Carson clarified that “Bob” was actually “a close relative” whose identity he concealed to protect his privacy. Moreover, he added, attempts to “smear” him are “garbage.”

Also, in his memoir, “Gifted Hands,” Carson had claimed that he received a full scholarship to the U.S Military Academy at West Point---another lie.

It was found that the academy had no record that he even applied. In fact, West Point does not offer scholarships because there is no tuition—when students enroll, they enlist in the U.S. Army.

Disappointingly, his campaign on Friday admitted that he lied about his application, acceptance and scholarship to the academy.

Piece by piece, his extreme knives-to-surgical-riches story is falling apart even when the gentlest breeze is blown upon it.

It's really sad! But that's what you get when you play with fire  politics.

Read  more here.

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