Sunday, 8 November 2015

Dr. Ben Carson's Home-- Cool or Narcissistic?

Neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, who continues to rank in first or second place in polls for the Republican presidential primary race invited the Guardian for a photo tour of his home -- and many people found his home decor "eccentric."

Carson's walls were covered with dozens of news clippings, honorary degrees and photos of him alongside various celebrities, dignitaries and world leaders — as well as full-size paintings featuring Carson proudly posing in his white coat alongside the lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, he posed with Jesus. Lol..

Other pictures below:

Notice that Proverbs is misspelled as poverbs

With Laura and George Bush

You know what they say, to each his own. If this makes him happy, it's fine by me. 

I just think the media need to cut him some slack.

1 comment:

  1. Nope, its not narcissistic. I could do the same but I don't like d head of Jesus in d painting n d 'poverbs'. #DrE


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