Saturday, 21 November 2015

Doctors Launch Free Telemedicine Services In Nigeria

There's a new phone programme designed to attend to the various health care needs of Nigerians when they dial 0700DOCTORS on their mobile phones free of charge--yes, FOC!

The programme is called 'Phone A Doctor' and it was launchd in Abuja, on Friday.

Dr Hadassah Iwuono said the programme by ChitHub Medical Solutions is like healing from a distance.

The technology developer and chief executive of the firm, Engr Michael Agbobo said, "Our vision is to make health care affordable, available and accessible to as many people as we can and I think the best channel to do this is technology."

According to Agbobo, “To say the service is free is truly free for now until we understand the best approach that will make the service affordable, available and accessible.

“This is a starting posture. The idea is to have three groups of doctors- the in-house doctors who are working full time for call the doctor system, then you a network of doctors that work on full time basis but are allocated time to attend to patients and the network of specialists for different specialties both locally and internationally,” he explained.

He assured that all doctors on the system are certified by the regulatory medical body concerned and their profiles can viewed from the service website.

Nigerian health care has grown to new heights with the introduction of technology, and most  definitely, in a few years time, there will be a dramatic change in patient care and the way health care is accessed.

So from now on, if you have any friend or family member with a medical question or issue, I'll suggest you tell them to "PHONE A DOCTOR."

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