Sunday, 15 November 2015

Be Inspired! Don't Doubt

Today's inspirational message is Do not doubt!

Don't doubt God, don't doubt yourself, don't doubt the abilities of others---Easier said than done I know. But you have to understand that by every standard--worldly and spiritual, whatever you believe, becomes your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Motivational speakers like Brian Tracy have harped on the power of self-belief and the effect it has on our lives and I have to say, the only thing stopping you is YOU! I'm also talking to myself because I have my days of doubt too. 

So next time we hear that voice in our heads saying 'you can't do it,' 'it's too difficult' or 'good things can't happen to you,' we will silence that voice with these words 'I AM WHAT I BELIEVE, AND I BELIEVE I CAN DO THIS.' 

We will use our words to build and not tear down our confidence because we are stronger and more powerful than we could ever imagine (if only we gave ourselves a chance to show it).

 So tap into your strength today and make that change!

Have a lovely week!  X


  1. Positive thinking..... Building a fortress to battle against negative factors. Do not wait... Make the move! Cheers!!!!


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