Thursday, 19 November 2015

Armed Robbers Attack Banks In Agbara Estate

Armed robbers wearing military camouflage on Thursday morning attacked five banks within Agbara Industrial Estate in Ogun state, Daily Trust reports.

The report claimed that the bandits, numbering over 20 were said to have arrived the area at about 7.30am, strategically stationed themselves at the two entrances into the area before the banks opened for business.

The operation started few minutes after the bank opened their doors for customers.

The robbers allegedly opened fire at some policemen attached to an Armoured Personnel Carrier along the main entrance to the area.

It was learnt that having been overwhelmed by the superior fire power of the hoodlums, the policemen allegedly took to their heels, leaving their armoured vehicle behind.

The robbers allegedly blew up the Armoured Carrier before heading towards a yet to be disclosed bank.

According to an eyewitness, “Some of the robbers stationed themselves in front of most of the Automates Teller Machine (ATM) located at the banks visited.

“They blew them open with Dynamite and carted away cash stacked inside the ATM. Others held staff of the banks hostage at gun point while they made attempt to enter the volt.”

It could not be ascertained if there was any casualty.

Source-Daily Trust Ng

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