Monday, 9 November 2015

A Dying Man's Wish - Get Married

A Chinese man with terminal cancer has married a sex doll because he didn’t want to leave behind a bereaved widow.

The man is said to have wanted to experience the full splendour of a wedding before he died, after being diagnosed with cancer, but didn’t want to leave a human being struggling to cope with his loss.

The ‘newly-weds’ appeared in a series of surprisingly tender wedding photographs: hugging in front of a sunlit window, reflected romantically in a shadowy mirror and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.

His blushing ‘bride’ was treated to all the trimmings of a traditional wedding, including a make-up artist and a selection of dresses to pose in.

It's so sad --the things we take for granted, someone else would do anything to have.

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