Sunday, 29 November 2015

A Doctor's Response To The Petition By JOHESU

Dr. Paul John from Port-Harcourt has written a response to JOHESU's petition. Click here to read the petition if you missed it.

The letter was very, very lengthy so I'm just going to post excerpts only. If you want the full letter, click on Medical World Nigeria

My account of the letter below:

"Mr President: This rebuttal is necessary because neither my leaders nor my elder colleagues will respond to the spurious allegations raised against them in the petition because to them, Nigerian medical doctors are not in competition with any group and responding to such allegation may give the petitioners undue recognition; hence, the petition  is not worth the attention of Nigerian medical doctors."

"In the petition, the petitioners argued that it is unfair to have two doctors in the ministry. Gone are the days when people who were not eligible were appointed to different government positions in order to appease a particular group."

"This rabid hatred by these paramedical workers against Nigerian doctors is proverbial.Such hatred is not new as when the current director-general of NAFDAC, Dr Paul Orhii, a medical doctor, was at the verge of being appointed, they wrote a similar petition to the then president. After their petition was ignored, they went to court." 

"It is on record that since the national leadership of NLC (Nigerian Labour Congress) is headed by a paramedical worker, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, no Nigerian medical doctor, either acting as a group or as an individual, has ever opposed or seen the leadership of NLC as a threat to the welfare of Nigerian doctors."

"Medical doctors constitute 5% of the workforce in the Ministry of Health --Well, I am not aware of the criterion they used to get their data but it is preposterous."

N.B- The above is just the summary of the letter. 

I think Dr. Paul could be stoking a raging fire. What do you think?


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