Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Doctor Plus More- Dr Imo Esu

Meet Dr. Imo Esu, the amazing lady behind the Confectionery- Hazels Sweet Things. She's a combination of both beauty and brains.

If you've met Imo, you'll notice a distinguishing feature about her--her eyes. They look hazel and "beautifully unreal"--the most likely reason why her business is named Hazel.

Even though combining medicine and business is not an easy task, Dr Imo always found a way to make it work right from her university days.

As a business-inclined and hardworking lady, she tried her hands at several businesses including jewelry making and interior designing before finding her passion in baking. And she's really good at it.

Her work is best described as "elegant and tasteful with a touch of vintage."

If you want to check her work out, her Instagram handle is @hazelssweetthings

Meanwhile, check out some of her awesome work below:

I bet you like it too!

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