Monday, 30 November 2015

Doctor Makes "Sex Call" To A Patient

Dr Bryan Ashton, 47, is accused of performing a sex act during a call to a patient whose mobile phone number he looked up after she was admitted to A and E.

Ashton, an emergency doctor at St Richard's Hospital in Chichester, West Sussex, now faces being struck off at a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing in Manchester.

He allegedly told the woman, a nurse at the same hospital that she 'turned him on' and asked her to touch herself after obtaining her number from her medical records.

The woman, known as Patient A said she was 'confused' by the call and knew he was performing a sex act because of the noise he was making, during a Medical Tribunal hearing in Manchester. It was also alleged that he touched her bottom in a separate incident.

Talking about the phone call, Counsel for General Medical Council, Carlo Breen, said: 'Dr Ashton asked Patient A what underwear she was wearing and said he wanted to touch her.

'He told her he wanted to be inside her. At this point, Patient A realised the doctor was masturbating because of the tone of his voice and the noises he was making.

Describing another alleged encounter when Ashton visited Patient A's flat, Mr Breen said: 'He started asking about her sex life and if she still had a boyfriend.

'They were sitting on the sofa and she says he put his arm around her and put his hand up her jumper and touched her breast.

'He said he wanted to touch her "down there". Patient A said she didn't want him to do that. She didn't like him touching there but at the same time she was scared in case he got angry. The circumstances concerning the conduct of Dr Ashton are wholly inappropriate.'

Dr Ashton is also accused of being inappropriate with another woman who had been admitted to A&E in May 2009 after injuring her ankle while on a fancy dress night out.

During the consultation, he is said to have told the woman - Patient B - that he liked her outfit and her friend's cowgirl costume, then asked her to walk up and down the ward to show off her hotpants.

Four days later, he phoned the woman and said she may have broken a bone, but rather than telling her to revisit the hospital he arranged to go to her house 45 minutes away, it is claimed.

Arriving in sandals and shorts, he again told her he liked her outfit, asked if she had a boyfriend and asked if she liked dressing up, it is alleged.

When he left the address an hour after arriving, he sent a Facebook friend request to Patient B and messaged her friend saying he 'loved her cowgirl hat', it is said.

Dr Ashton, of Chichester, denies all of the allegations of sexually motivated conduct - and claims Patient A was 'fixated' with him.

The hearing continues.

Only Public-Private Partnership Can Rescue Nigeria’s Health Sector, Says Minister

The Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole , has stated that the country would have to involve corporate organizations and private individuals for the much-needed rebirth to be attainable in the country’s health sector.

The minister  said this measure became imperative to give Nigerians quality  healthcare delivery through improved facilities and to discourage rich Nigerians from travelling abroad  for medical treatment.

Adewole spoke in Ikere Ekiti on Saturday during the commissioning of ’ Iyaafin  Bosede Olanipekun Special Amenity Ward’ donated  by Chief Wole Olanipekun (SAN) for Ikere Specialists Hospital.

By: Olakiitan Victor

This Day News

Dangote N7 billion hospital in Kano nears completion

At the ongoing 36th Kano International, this weekend, Mansur Ahmed, executive director in Dangote Group, Trade fair, said the company had expended about N2 billion so far in the execution of projects under its corporate social responsibility’s component.

He said,“In regard to health, the company in the next two weeks will be commissioning seven of the 11 Primary Health Care Centres it is building across the state, and also the company will be mobilizing the contractor working at Murtala Mohammed Specialist Hospital Theatre back to site."

While paying a visit to Kano State Governor over the weekend, Halima Dangote, chief executive, Dangote Foundation, confirmed the construction of the N7 billion naira state-of-the-art operating theatre and diagnostic centre at the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital and said it will be completed next year.

She attributed the earlier delay to technical hitches and said the new contractor – Dantata and Sawoe – had returned to site.

 She also said the routine immunisation programme of the Foundation is being extended to Bauchi, Yobe, Maiduguri and Katsina.

Meanwhile, Dangote Group says it has concluded plans to build a power generation plant that will be capable of producing 500 megawatt electricity in the commercial city of Kano.

 Fantastic news and I must say Nigerian health care is stepping up SERIOUSLY with all the state-of-the art government and private hospitals cropping up in several states.

Definitely 5years from now, everything will be different and much better.

UK Junior Doctors Will Begin Strike On Tuesday

Apparently, it's not only in Nigeria that doctors go on strike because of unfavourable work conditions and pay cuts.

In the UK, junior doctors are also poised to begin a three-phase strike action, with the first phase starting on Tuesday, Dec. 1.

In the first-phase, doctors will provide only emergency care for 24hrs, with full stoppages on Dec 8 and Dec 16.

To fill the void left by the doctors, the government plans to use army medics, who are not allowed to go on strike, to provide medical assistance.

A British Medical Association (BMA) spokesman said: “We don’t expect there will be a huge number of Army turning up at hospitals, but we are expecting a number of Army medics.”
Army Medics
The spokesman added: “We want to keep the NHS going. We have said from the very, very beginning we didn’t want to get to the stage of strike action. But junior doctors feel they have no other way of getting their voices heard.”

Every time doctors go on strike in Nigeria, you will hear "but you took an oath to save lives." Yes, that is true, but no doctor took the oath to "suffer."

I'm watching to see how the UK government will respond to the situation--- bearing in mind that it's the first 'all out' strike ever in the history of the National Health Service (NHS).

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Multiple Vacancies at Institute of Human Virology

The Institute of Human Virology (IHVN) is currently recruiting to fill the following vacant positions:

1. Program Manager, Prevention and Community DR-TB

Job Type: Full Time
Qualification: BA/BSc/HND
Experience:10 years
Location: Abuja
Job Field: Medical / Health / Safety

Qualifications and Skills
  • A first degree in Medicine, BSc Nursing Science, the Social Sciences or related discipline with a minimum of 10 years proven work experience, design and implementing and monitoring of HIV prevention and MDR TB Community Activities preferably in an international NGO. Possession of a post graduate degree in Public Health will be an advantage
  • Knowledge of DR- TB
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Nigerian Health System and Social Networks
  • Strong inter-personal and public relations skills
  • Excellent English language, oral and written communication, with proficient in MS office word, excel and outlook.
2.Program Officers – Care and Support (C&S)

Job Type: Full time
Qualification: BA/BSc/HND
Experience: 3 years
Location: Abuja, Benue, Delta, Kano, Nassarawa, Ogun, Osun
Job Field: Medical / Health / Safety

  • Education/Experience:RN, RM or BNSc, or a degree in health related course.
  • A post graduate degree in Public Health is a definite advantage with excellent computer skills are required.
  • Also required is at least 3 years working experience with participation in both clinical and community C&S activities.
  • Ability to clearly explain available C&S system, PHC structure and HIV/AIDS.

3. Associate Director Global Fund Programs (Office of the Chief Executive Officer)
Director & Head of Department, Clinical Laboratory Services.

Qualifications and Skills

  • B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Sciences or Medical Microbiology but preferably a Master’s degree in Medical Microbiology
  • At least 10 years of experience in TB microbiology.
  • The candidate is also expected to be a practitioner licensed by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria (MLSCN) or with professional membership acceptable to MLSCN.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send a detailed resume and a one page cover letter as one MS Word document saved with applicants name in the following format e.g. Adamu Maduka Manager Prevention and Community MDR-TB explaining suitability to: Associate Director, Human Resources through this email

Application must explicitly state the position and location applied for in the subject of the email e.g. Manager HIV Prevention and Community MDR TB. Candidates are advised to provide three professional referees with functional email addresses and telephone numbers.
Only applications sent in the required format will be considered and only short listed candidates will be contacted.

Click here for more positions and details

Three Dead, Nine Injured After Shooting At An Abortion Clinic

57 year old Robert Lewis Dear, stormed a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs, USA on Friday and opened fire with a rifle in an attack that left three people dead and nine others injured, authorities said.

The dead included one police officer and two civilians, Colorado Springs Police Chief Peter Carey told reporters about an hour after the suspect had been captured.

All nine surviving victims - five police officers and four civilians - were listed in good condition at area hospitals.
The slain lawman was identified as Garrett Swasey, 44.

The Colorado Springs clinic has been the target of repeated protests by anti-abortion activists, and the President of the Rocky Mountains chapter of Planned Parenthood, Vicki Cowart, suggested that the hatred of abortion in the United States sets the stage for such violence.

At least eight abortion clinic workers have been killed since 1977, according to the National Abortion Federation - most recently in 2009, when abortion doctor George Tiller was shot to death at church in Wichita, Kansas.

Clinics have reported nearly 7,000 incidents of trespassing, vandalism, arson, death threats, and other forms of violence since then, according to the abortion-rights group.

And in recent months, conservatives in Congress have been seeking to cut off federal support for the organization.

A Doctor's Response To The Petition By JOHESU

Dr. Paul John from Port-Harcourt has written a response to JOHESU's petition. Click here to read the petition if you missed it.

The letter was very, very lengthy so I'm just going to post excerpts only. If you want the full letter, click on Medical World Nigeria

My account of the letter below:

"Mr President: This rebuttal is necessary because neither my leaders nor my elder colleagues will respond to the spurious allegations raised against them in the petition because to them, Nigerian medical doctors are not in competition with any group and responding to such allegation may give the petitioners undue recognition; hence, the petition  is not worth the attention of Nigerian medical doctors."

"In the petition, the petitioners argued that it is unfair to have two doctors in the ministry. Gone are the days when people who were not eligible were appointed to different government positions in order to appease a particular group."

"This rabid hatred by these paramedical workers against Nigerian doctors is proverbial.Such hatred is not new as when the current director-general of NAFDAC, Dr Paul Orhii, a medical doctor, was at the verge of being appointed, they wrote a similar petition to the then president. After their petition was ignored, they went to court." 

"It is on record that since the national leadership of NLC (Nigerian Labour Congress) is headed by a paramedical worker, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, no Nigerian medical doctor, either acting as a group or as an individual, has ever opposed or seen the leadership of NLC as a threat to the welfare of Nigerian doctors."

"Medical doctors constitute 5% of the workforce in the Ministry of Health --Well, I am not aware of the criterion they used to get their data but it is preposterous."

N.B- The above is just the summary of the letter. 

I think Dr. Paul could be stoking a raging fire. What do you think?


Saturday, 28 November 2015

Quote of The day!

Nigerian Doctor Wants Drones In Africa

Nigerian-born Dr. Timothy Amukele, a pathologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is currently researching drones as a faster, affordable way to diagnose patients in remote areas.
Dr. Amukele thinks drones are the solution to the problem of carrying out tests in hard-to-reach areas and can reduce the problem of samples getting late to the labs late (past their viability).
"It's cheaper than using motorcycles, which are commonly used for transport in Africa," said Amukele. "You don't have to worry about lack of roads or difficult terrain, because it's travelling as the crow flies."
In July, Amukele and some engineers took 56 blood samples donated by volunteers and loaded them into a drone for flights of up to 38 minutes in length.
For comparison, another 56 samples were transported by car.

In the end, the drone-flown samples showed no deterioration in important characteristics like red cell counts and glucose levels, proving that drones could be a viable alternative for transporting samples.
In October, another test was done to examine the effect of drone flight on live microbe samples such as those used to grow bacteria for a lung or urinary tract infection in order to determine sensitivity to specific antibiotics.
Next up is real-world testing: a pilot project on the ground—and in the air—in a rural region of East Africa.
"If it works, the impact will be huge," said Amukele, noting that, with increased access, patients will be diagnosed and treated earlier, saving lives.
Can you imagine the feeling of sending or receiving a sample with a drone? AWESOME!
In a trial study, doctors in a rural Virginia clinic (in America) were also excited when drones were used to deliver their medication in July. 

Friday, 27 November 2015

The Science Behind Why We Love Celebrity Gossip And Tabloid Magazines

 I saw this post on Medical Daily and I enjoyed it so much. It's a bit lengthy but worth reading if you have the time, but if you don't, I have highlighted some parts for you. Read below:

We have "Bey Hive" "Bieber fever" and so on ...and everyday, the desire to know more about celebrities does not go away. Our appetite for celebrity gossip is still insatiable, which isn’t surprising, considering it’s a combination of our two favourite things: fame and bad news.

The human brain is hardwired to tune into gossip, but there’s something different about celebrity gossip that sets it apart from everyday office chatter.

Daniel Kruger, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Michigan, says our desire to know about the activities of high-status individuals is a trait we share with other primates, and that it’s due to an evolutionary tactic that may have helped us live through the years. Speaking to LiveScience, he said there are two evolutionary benefits to celebrity gossip: The first is for our own personal benefit; “learning what high-status individuals do, so you might more effectively become one,” Kruger explained. The second reason is more political, and relates to how we have complex social circles. “Knowing what is going on with high-status individuals, you'd be better able to navigate the social scene.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Not all celebrity news is equally popular, and nothing sells a paper more than a good ole’ scandal.

1. How Gossip Affects The Brain

Just this year, Chinese researchers observed the physical effects of celebrity scandal on our brains. In a study published in the journal Social Neuroscience, researchers had 17 student volunteers hear bits of gossip about themselves, their friends, and a famous celebrity who they had known of but not previously expressed any special interest in. The subjects of gossip ranged from positive, like a collaborative search for missing children, to negative, like someone who got caught driving under the influence, Wired reported. All of this was done while the volunteers underwent brain scans.

The students were asked how each bit of gossip made them feel once they were done. And perhaps unsurprisingly, the students admitted they preferred to hear positive gossip about themselves and negative gossip about their friends and celebrities. However, while they claimed they had no preference over who they heard negative gossip about, their brain activity showed otherwise.

Among these participants, the caudate nucleus — a brain region associated with pleasure and reward — showed “moderately strong” activity when the students were told negative celebrity gossip, an increase in activity when compared to hearing negative peer gossip. What’s more, brain scans also showed activity in regions associated with self-control when the participants heard celebrity gossip. This suggested the students were trying to hide just how much they enjoyed hearing about a star’s public downfall.

There's no news like bad news. Bev Sykes CC BY 2.0

2. More Bad News Please?

While celebrity bad news may be our favorite, humans are actually quite eager to read about any type of misfortune. A 2007 survey by the Pew Research Center for People found American news preferences have remained “surprisingly static” over the last 20 years, with war and terrorism being the subjects of the most popular headlines since the study began in 1986. News on bad weather and
crime were also notably popular throughout the decades.

This propensity for bad news spans the global population. A 2003 study on word association showed that people respond quicker to negative words, such as “cancer,” “bomb,” and “war,” than they would more positive words, such as “smile” and “fun.” This suggests a natural inclination toward the macabre, and news outlets know it — hence the popular journalism phrase, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Our inclination toward bad news is also sometimes termed “negative bias.” We all possess it to some degree, and it’s actually helpful, as it’s a possible side effect of the fight-or-flight response. According to The BBC, bad news acts as a threat, signaling that we need to change our behavior in order to avoid danger. In other words, we love to see what mistakes celebrities are making in their personal lives, so we can then avoid making those same mistakes in our own lives.

3. It's An Escape, Too

Celebrity gossip does more than satisfy an innate human instinct, however — it actually brings us true enjoyment. For some people, learning about the secret lives of celebrities, what happens behind the scenes, is a way to escape from their daily routine.The juicier the news, the better.

Stuart Fischer, an emeritus professor of media psychology at the University of UCLA, says preoccupation with the lives of celebrities isn’t exactly unhealthy. In some cases, he says, it can actually be beneficial to our psychology. People who lack social skills, for example, can use celebrity gossip and fandom as a base to bond with others with the same interests.

In addition to promoting psychological health, a 2010 paper written by researchers Amanda Hinnant and Elizabeth Hendrickson, who were working at the University of Missouri at the time, found reading celebrity gossip could help to draw public attention to serious medical issues. The researchers observed readers were more deeply affected by health issues when a celebrity was involved than when they read about the conditions via public service announcements, The Telegraph reported. In fact, according to The Los Angeles Times, Charlie Sheen may have unintentionally become the face of HIV awareness efforts following his HIV-positive announcement on the Today show last week.

Ultimately, it seems that despite the negative attitudes toward it, our obsession with celebrity gossip is not only innate but actually healthy for us. So next time you're browsing the closest magazine stand, remember you’re no less of a person for reaching for a tabloid. In fact, it’s only natural that you do.

A very interesting read right?

Culled from Medical Daily.

Job Vacancy: MeCure Healthcare Limited Recruiting Pharmacists

Mecure Healthcare is currently recruiting to fill the position of a Pharmacist. If you are interested, see the details below:

Job Descriptions

  • Participates in the prescribing function of the medication use system through provision of drug information, review and interpretation of written or verbal Ophthalmologist’s orders.
  • Fulfils dispensing component of the medication use system to assure accuracy of medications intended for patient use.
  • Assists patients, nurses, optometrists, ophthalmologists and other health care professionals in the administration of medications.
  • Assists in the monitoring and outcomes determination of medication use for all patients. Provides clinical monitoring related to the management of drug therapy
  • Promotes, maintains, demonstrates and communicates the value of self-development and enhancement of professional competency through continuous improvement process activities and other educational opportunities.
  • Inventory Management.

Candidate should have B.Pharm and must be a registered member of Pharmacists council of Nigeria (PCN) with at least 2 years post NYSC experience.

Application Closing Date
4th December, 2015.

Method of Application
Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications and CV's to:


100 Women Die DAILY In Northern Nigeria During Childbirth

Ms Ratidzai Ndhlovu, Nigeria Country Director of United Nations Population Fund ( UNFPA), says no fewer than 100 women die daily across Northern Nigeria during childbirth.

She spoke on Thursday in Sokoto at a consultative meeting with the theme: “Accelerating the Reduction of Maternal Deaths in Northern Nigeria: The Role of the Traditional and Religious Leaders.”

Ndhlovu decried the high maternal mortality figure, and stressed that collective efforts must be stepped up to reduce the ugly trend.

She said, traditional rulers, community and religious leaders should take census of all pregnant women in their areas, with a view to tracking the exact figure of maternal mortality so that steps can be taken to reduce the menace to zero level.

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, also called for the building of capacities of more traditional birth attendants in the region to complement the efforts of the skilled midwives in health facilities.

He suggested that the traditional birth attendants should be recruited by the three tiers of government and deployed to health facilities, to boost manpower provision. (NAN)


UBTH Resident Doctors Suspend Warning Strike

Resident doctors at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) have suspended the seven-day warning strike which they embarked upon over alleged mismanagement by authorities of the hospital.

The doctors, under the aegis of the Association of Resident Doctors, had in a statement signed by its chapter President, Dr. Omorogbe Owen, on November 22 accused the management of the institution of mismanagement and exploitation of patients.

But the Chairman of the Medical Advisory Committee, Prof. Gabriel Ofovwe, has declared the accusations as falsified saying, “The amount charged as bed fee per day is N1,200 and not N3,900, as alleged by the ARD. We build-in the cost and return of our services before we charge patients and we have a booklet containing all these charges.”

Ofovwe explained that it was impossible for the hospital to offer services free to patients, as such would financially ground the institution.

Dr Owen told a Punch correspondent on the telephone that the strike was suspended on Wednesday, following the intervention of the Minister of Health (State), Dr. Osagie Ehanire, and some stakeholders, including traditional rulers.

He added that members of the association had been directed to resume work as few of the emoluments have been paid and the minister has promised to ensure that other payments are paid.



Twitter Fights For Gay Men To Donate Blood

On Wednesday, Twitter officially announced all its employees will no longer donate blood until the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States lifts a decades-old ban that prevents gay and bisexual men from donating.

The FDA banned gay men from donating blood in 1983, after an AIDS epidemic. But recently, that policy has been criticized for being unnecessary and discriminatory.

Twitter decided to take a stand against this policy after a gay employee was turned away from a blood donation drive being held at its headquarters. That employee filed a complaint with human resources and Twitter decided to no longer host blood drives onsite after April 2015.

Besides boycotting blood drives, Twitter has also filed a public comment with the FDA and are currently promoting a petition to “stop discriminating and screen male blood donors equally.”

Although the FDA proposed altering the lifetime ban to allow gay and bisexual men who have abstained from sex with another men for at least 12 months to donate blood, Twitter plans to continue boycotting until the restriction is completely removed and replaced by one determined by risky behaviour not sexual identity.

The United States is not the only country with this ban, although some countries have lifted theirs. Recently, China lifted its ban for lesbians only.

I think the question is: should a person's rights be sufficiently important to risk the lives of others and expose them to infections such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV amidst other infections? And is there a way for gay men to donate without risking the lives of others?

Answering these questions could be the key to solve this quandary.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

JOHESU, AHPA Displeased With Appointment of Doctors As Ministers, Petition Buhari

All health workers in Nigeria (excluding medical doctors), under the aegis of the Joint Health Sector Unions (JOHESU) and Assembly of Healthcare Professional Association (AHPA) have petitioned President Muhammad Buhari over the juicy appointments doctors got in his cabinet.

The petition jointly signed by Chairman JOHESU, Comrade Jay Josiah, and Chairman APHA, Dr. Godswill C. Okara is titled “Appraising Appointments In The Federal Ministry Of Health.”

The letter is quite long but worth reading.

In the letter, the health workers said doctors have reduced a supposed Federal Ministry of Health to a "Ministry of Doctor" to the detriment of other health workers--even though doctors constitute less than 5% of the workforce. They warned that the recent appointments will aggravate the volatility in the health sector instead of abating it.

They also mentioned that the appointment of a doctor (Dr. Chris Ngige) to head the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity will compound the woes of all other health workers because they would have no recourse if the Minister of Health treated them unfairly.

The health workers alleged that the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) is already reaping the expected fruits of the whirlwind of benevolent appointments.

They wrote: “On Friday, November 13, 2015 the Hon. Minister of Health, Prof. Issac Adewole visited the NMA Secretariat in Abuja where he met both the Nigeria Medical Association President, Dr. Kayode Obembe and National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) President, Dr. Muhammed Askira.”

JOHESU and AHPA alleged that the Minister of Health was reported to have assured his colleagues to be patient as he would actualize these demands, which included:

*Preservation of the status quo ante in the unskewed appointments in board constitution and membership of the 55 Federal Health Institutions.

*Imposing the Yayale Ahmed Panel report, which only the NMA favours in the Health Sector. (JOHESU is seeking to quash the report at the National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN) and said the Health Minister and Labour Minister are raising legal teams to fight them at the NICN).

*Implementing the agenda of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) through the National Health Act. The Federal Ministry of Health has already set up committees and structures made up exclusively of only Doctors as usual.

*Imposing relativity/skipping for Doctors on the Federal Health Institutions even when other health professionals who got National Industrial Court of Nigeria (NICN) judgments in their favour since 2010 have not been paid by some Chief Medical Director (CMDs) in the Federal Health Institutions (FHIs).

*Exclusive overseas training for Medical Doctors through improved residency programmes.

*Designing new welfare schemes for Corper Doctors.

*Introduction of pension and gratuity for Resident Doctors

*Perfecting domination of Doctors in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

*Payment of Doctor-University Lecturers with the Consolidated Medical Salary Scale (CONMESS) and privileges.

*Recognition of Doctor’s Postgraduate Fellowship over Ph.D in their careers as academics.

I agree that doctors were favoured in the recent appointments (about 5 doctors got appointed) and they were deserving. However, if other health workers got appointed, it would have gone a long way to prevent this situation.

Hopefully, PMB will find a way to resolve this issue before it snowballs into a disaster.

Pregnant Nurse Ruptures Her Uterus, Finds Out She Had TWO

31 year old nursery nurse, Jodi Stones,was just weeks away from giving birth to her first child when her world was turned upside down.

At 33 weeks pregnant , she started getting bad stomach pains and collapsed at her home.

Doctors discovered Jodi's uterus had ruptured and she was bleeding internally - but in a shocking twist, surgeons later discovered the reason her uterus had ruptured was because she had TWO--a very rare condition called Uterus Didelphys.

It was a race against time to save Jodi's life after safely delivering her premature son Cooper who weighed just 1500g.

"I had lost that much blood and they could not stop the ruptures, as fast as they were repairing one another was coming. I had a lot of blood transfusions that night, I think after 45 minutes they managed to stop the bleeding but I had a lot of blood transfusions.

"If it was not for those blood transfusions I would not be here today to be a mummy to my wee boy."

Now, almost three years after the terrifying ordeal on January 9, 2013, Jodi is back on her feet and little Cooper is looking forward to celebrating his third birthday with his parents in the new year.

Jodi said she wanted to share her experience to encourage others to donate blood.

"I had never given much thought to it, you think things like that won't happen to you and you go about your daily life but they really do and if it wasn't for those people who donated their blood I would not be here today. I am just so grateful to them," she said.

Test Your Surgery Knowledge: Haemorrhoids

A 25 year old male truck driver complains of 1 day of throbbing rectal pain. Your examination shows a large, thrombosed external haemorrhoid. Which one of the following is the preferred initial treatment for this patient?

a. Warm sitz baths, a high-residue diet, and NSAIDs
b. Rubber band ligation of the haemorrhoid
c. Elliptical excision of the thrombosed haemorrhoid
d. Stool softeners and a topical analgesic/hydrocortisone cream (e.g., Anusol-HC)

Correct Answer: C (Elliptical excision of the thrombosed haemorrhoid)


The appropriate management of a thrombosed haemorrhoid presenting within 48 hours of onset of symptoms is an elliptical excision of the haemorrhoid and overlying skin under local anesthesia (i.e., 0.5% bupivacaine hydrochloride [Marcaine] in 1:200,000 epinephrine) infiltrated slowly with a small (27 gauge) needle for patient comfort.

Incision and clot removal may provide inadequate drainage with rehaemorrhage and clot reaccumulation. Most thrombosed haemorrhoids contain multiocular clots which may not be accessible through a simple incision. Rubber band ligation is an excellent technique for management of internal haemorrhoids. Banding an external haemorrhoid would cause exquisite pain.

When pain is already subsiding or more time has elapsed (in the absence of necrosis or ulceration) measures such as sitz baths, bulk laxatives, stool softeners, and local analgesia may all be helpful. Some local anaesthetics carry the risk of sensitization, however. Counselling to avoid precipitating factors (e.g., prolonged standing/sitting, constipation, delay of defecation) is also appropriate.

8 year old girl diagnosed with breast cancer, becomes the youngest case ever

An eight-year-old girl has been diagnosed with breast cancer, in what is thought to be the youngest case ever of the disease.

Chrissy Turner, from Utah, discovered a lump on her chest last month. To her parents' horror, tests revealed she was suffering from a very rare form of breast cancer called secretory carcinoma.

This type of the disease affects just one in a million people diagnosed with the disease - and Chrissy will now need to undergo a mastectomy.

'I was scared the first time I knew about it,' she said. 'But I knew I could fight it off and I hope that I can fight it off.

Both of her parents have suffered from cancer previously. Her mother, Annette, has battled cervical cancer, while her father is currently battling Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Speaking about her daughter's shocking diagnosis, Mrs Turner said: 'I broke down. It's a struggle every day worrying about my family, about my husband and now my baby girl.'

Chrissy will undergo her surgery operation at the Huntsman Cancer Institute, Utah.

In the meantime, friends of the family have started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise money for medical bills while the Turners vow to stay strong for their daughter.


  • Medical literature describes secretory breast carcinoma as a slow growing breast cancer.
  • In the past, secretory carcinoma of the breast was described as a ‘juvenile‘ breast carcinoma as it is the most common type of breast carcinoma in children.
  • It may occur at any age, but is mostly seen in people under the age of 30, according to Stanford University.
  • It is one of the rarest types of breast carcinomas, accounting for less than 1 per cent of all breast cancers in the US.
  • While the prognosis is good, it is prone to spreading and recurring again where it first appeared, so it must be treated aggressively.

Poor girl! 

Pope 'More Afraid Of Mosquitoes' Than Insecurity In Africa

Brushing aside concerns for his security, Pope Francis arrived in Kenya on Wednesday for his first-ever visit to Africa.

Pope Francis is also scheduled to visit Uganda and the Central African Republic, which will mark the first time a pope has flown into an active armed conflict. The Central African Republic, or CAR, has been bloodied by a two-year-old spiral of fighting between Christian and Muslims.

Asked while flying to Kenya in his Alitalia jetliner if he was concerned about security risks, the Pope quipped: “I’m more afraid of the mosquitoes.”


The Pope wants to bring a message of peace and reconciliation to an Africa torn by extremist violence, but security concerns are so high that he might be forced to make changes to his itinerary for the final leg of the trip.


Lagos Doctors Praise Gov. Ambode For Resolving Their Issues

Doctors in Lagos on Wednesday hailed the efforts of the State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode for his efforts towards resolving the outstanding issues relating to doctors' welfare.

Speaking at the General Meeting/Scientific Conference & Continuing Medical Education of the Medical Guild in Lagos, Chairman of the Guild, Dr. Biyi Kufo said Governor Ambode had kept all his electoral promises to them.

Kufo said, “We make no apologies with a designation of our Governor as the song we have been waiting for to come and change a heart of stone. Governor Ambode has directed that all the key issues be resolved; the suspension of intake of new residents into the Residency Training Program at LASUTH has been lifted and admission of the new resident has commenced; the appointment of doctors as contract workers has been stopped.”

He also disclosed that Governor Ambode had directed that medical doctors currently on contract should be converted to permanent staff and the salaries during the three months of industrial action be paid.

On his part, Chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association, Lagos State Chapter, Dr. Tope Ojo, commended the governor for his discussions with the medical personnel especially over implementation of the corrected CONMESS salary scale.

In his keynote address, Governor Ambode, represented by his Special Adviser on Primary Health Care, Dr. Femi Onanuga, said his administration has committed public funds to uplift medical infrastructure and ensure first class health care delivery in the state. He also urged medical professionals to continuously uphold the Hippocratic Oath in the discharge of their duties.

Governor Ambode  deserves all the accolades he's receiving--it's so impressive that he solved all these "long-term" issues just like that. Other governors should follow his cue.

UBTH Doctors Expose The Rot in The Hospital

The Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Edo State, have issued several statements to condemn the current state of the hospital, whilst accusing the hospital's management of mismanaging the hospital's resources.

According to the President of the UBTH ARD, Dr. Omorogbe Owen, almost all of the hospital's diagnostic equipment are non-functional and the working conditions are terrible.

He said, "The theatres are in the worst conditions as surgeries are carried out by doctors who are sweating on patients. Insects and reptiles come in freely into the theatres and wards because of the dilapidated state of facilities."

Another point raised was the “extortion of patients--The ARD boss said patients were forced to pay N3, 900 general wards’ fees daily after paying an initial admission deposit of N20, 000.

He stated, “For instance, the bed fee for specialist ward is N15,000 daily after an admission deposit of N50, 000, compared to what is obtainable elsewhere such as the Irrua Specialist Hospital, Edo State and the University College, Ibadan, Oyo State, were bed fee is N1,500 and N1,000 per day respectively. The same is applicable at the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Osun State where bed fee is N1,000 daily.”

Dr. Owen also alleged that some departments had lost their accreditation due to the lack of facilities and manpower--this obviously affects the quality of service being rendered to patients.

He said, "It is shocking to reveal that the last time resident doctors were employed in UBTH was in 2011 and in the intervening four- year period, over 400 resident doctors have exited without any replacement."

"The hospital that was manned by over 150 house officers is currently covered by 60 house officers while a ward of over 50 patients is being run by three nurses. One can then imagine the kind of care patients get from this shortage of staff."

Wow! If things are really this bad, something needs to be done urgently.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

E-cigarette explosion breaks man's neck, almost paralyzes him for life

29-year-old Cordero Caples, is another proof that E-cigarettes could be more dangerous than normal cigarettes.

Caples who lives in Colorado Springs was smoking the e-cig last Friday during a work break when the device exploded, breaking his neck, burning his mouth and knocking out his teeth, his sister Colessia Porter said.
An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered vapourizer which simulates the feeling of smoking, but without burning tobacco.Their use is commonly called "vaping."

The victim, who is a father of a 1-year-old girl, was almost  paralyzed for life from the explosive-cigarette and had to undergo spinal reconstruction surgery.

His sister said he was suffering immense pain prior to the surgery, and was relieved, but still aching from the incident.

"If he knew that he was dealing with something that would explode on him, he definitely wouldn't have put himself in that situation," she said.

"It's devastating to see a healthy man with all his strength be put in a position where he can possibly be paralyzed from an e-cig," she told the Daily News.
The remnants of the e-cigarette that exploded and sent Caples to the hospital in Colorado Springs.

Outstanding Dr. Bennet Omalu, An Inspiration to generations

It is most likely that you have heard of Dr. Bennet Omalu, but if you've not, let me introduce him.

Nigerian-born Dr. Bennet Omalu, 47, is the forensic neuropathologist who DISCOVERED Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in 2002.

Dr. Omalu was performing an autopsy on former Pittsburgh Steelers star Mike Webster. Webster died of a heart attack at the age of 50, after years of depression and dementia that eventually led to him becoming homeless and forgetting how to do basic things, such as eating. 

From examining Webster and other football players, Omalu determined that repeated head trauma from the football causes a brain condition that leads to memory loss, impaired judgement, impulse control problems, aggression, depression, and eventually progressive dementia.

 Doctors knew that boxers suffered brain problems after years of continuous head trauma, but Omalu was the first person to associate the same issues with football players.

After Omalu published his findings, the NFL sent a letter to one of his colleagues accusing him of fraud. Omalu told Frontline in 2013: "They went to the press. They insinuated I was not practiing medicine; I was practicing voodoo." 

Because Omalu is from Nigeria, some people said that he was "attacking the American way of life." Omalu told Frontline that he was asked, "How dare you, a foreigner like you from Nigeria? What is Nigeria known for, the eighth most corrupt country in the world? Who are you? Who do you think you are to come to tell us how to live our lives?"

Today, Dr. Omalu's work has received its due recognition and his life's story will be told in a new movie, Concussion. The lead actor in the movie, who will also play Dr. Omalu is legendary actor, WILL SMITH. Yay!

Dr. Omalu's story is truly inspiring--Stand by your truth and don't give up and I can't wait to watch the movie in December.

Watch the trailer below:

Common Face Washing Mistakes

Washing your face might seem like the most uncomplicated part of your skincare routine; but you'll be surprised to learn the common face washing mistakes that can stop you from getting the smooth skin you desire.

If you can avoid these common cleansing blunders, you are well on your way to having better and clearer skin. Check them out:

Considering this is the make or break moment for the rest of your routine, you want to get it right. If you have combination or oily skin, you should be using a gel based formula. Get one that lightly foams if your skin is very oily.

If you have dry skin, go for a moisturising cream or mousse to soften and hydrate your skin, while retaining the natural hydro-lipid barrier as you wash.

Don't simply splash water on your face, quickly foam up and then rinse it off. Different cleansers require different methods.

Gels and foams go onto wet skin and should be left to sit on the surface of your skin for a minute to allow the ingredients to work. But, if you're using a creamy lotion, apply it to completely dry skin and rub it in for a few minutes like you would with a moisturiser. This gives the cleanser a chance to break down the oil and dirt in your skin before applying a small amount of water with your fingertips to emulsify the product.


Washing your face with hot water feels nice, but it can also mess with your skin's natural oils leading to over-drying and subsequent excessive sebum production. Wash with lukewarm water instead.

Exfoliating can do wonders for the skin -- sloughing off the dead cells that build up over time allows products to penetrate, but rough scrubs and too-frequent exfoliation can also cause unnecessary irritation. "If a scrub contains particles with jagged edges, it can create microscopic tears, and put you at risk for infection," notes Dr. Jeanine Downie, a New York City-based dermatologist. Scrub up no more than two times a week to keep skin refreshed.

For the most part, washing once or twice a day is good protocol but any more can irritate skin, ironically leading to an overproduction of oil. If you didn’t wear makeup, slather on sunscreen, or sweat much that day, skip the cleanser at night and try rinsing with warm water. Giving your skin a break from the cycle of products is healthy from time to time.

To maximize absorption and help seal in moisture, apply moisturizers immediately after cleansing while skin is still damp. The same goes for serums and special treatment products. Waiting until your skin is completely dry will make it harder for the active ingredients to sink into your skin and can cause skin to feel greasy or tacky.


Pat, don’t rub. Rubbing can feel really good, but it tugs and pulls your skin, which puts your elastin at risk. And don’t just grab the nearest hand towel, used or not. Friends don’t let friends spread bacteria—especially all over a nice, clean face. Designate a clean, soft towel to blot your fresh face.

Skimping on rinsing leads to residue build-up, which can clog pores and dry out skin. Rinse thoroughly, even when you’re rushing in the morning or dog-tired at night. The jawline, hairline, and nose are the most commonly neglected spots, so show them some love! Don't forget to rinse after using a face wipe too.


Even if you don't have any open wounds or visible breakouts, you need to make sure your hands are clean if you're touching your face, or you risk introducing bacteria to the skin.

Shelling out a small fortune for face wash may not be the most prudent purchase. Look for one with simple, natural ingredients and save your dough for products that will actually stay on your skin and offer longer-term benefits, like serums and moisturizers.

I bet you learnt a thing or two like me..stay healthy and beautiful! X


Liberia: Teenage boy dies from Ebola in fresh outbreak

A 15-year-old boy has died of Ebola in Liberia less than three months after the country was declared free of the virus.

The boy tested positive last week and died late on Monday at a treatment centre near the capital, Monrovia, Francis Kateh, the chief medical officer, said.

The deceased boy's mother and two other siblings have also been admitted to the treatment centre to be monitored.

About 160 people are being monitored since the new cases of Ebola was confirmed. This includes eight healthcare workers "who are at high risk because they came in direct contact with the boy."

The World Health Organization (WHO) has twice declared Liberia to be Ebola-free, once in May and again in September.

With the new cases, radio and television stations have resumed broadcasting Ebola awareness messages.

Civil society groups have also stepped up a campaign to get volunteers to be vaccinated against the disease in a joint US-Liberia Ebola trial, according to a BBC reporter.

Top Plastic Surgeon Accuses Beyonce Of Having Cosmetic Surgery

A top Hollywood surgeon is claiming that Beyonce shows signs she's had surgery on her face after pictures of the singer in Las Vegas this weekend surfaced.

Beyonce was with her husband Jay Z in Vegas for the Cotto versus Alvarez fight, and sat ring-side in a plunging black dress.

This new accusation comes after Britney Spears ex-husband, Kevin Federline called her out on Twitter for having botox.

Dr. Anthony Youn, told Radar Online that it appeared the singer - who has never confirmed any kind of surgery - appeared to show signs of having botox, a rhinoplasty and lip filers.

He said: "It appears that she's had a rhinoplasty, causing her nose to look noticeably thinner and refined.

"Her upper lip also looks like it may have been moderately enhanced, possibly with a filler like Juvederm," he continued.

"Her smile lines, aka the nasolabial folds, also appear to have been reduced, maybe with an injectable filler like Restylane."

Beyonce has always maintained that she's never had surgery. Just last month, she was accused of lightening her skin by a singer, Mica Paris.

I think it's on days like this Beyonce wears "my favourite shirt."

Yes, Can I live? LOL!

Can you guess the diagnosis?

This is the Leser-TrĂ©lat sign.  It is defined as the sudden eruption of multiple seborrheic keratoses caused by a malignancy/cancer ...