Thursday, 29 October 2015

Woman whose boyfriend bit off her nose gets a new nose on The Drs

A woman who had her nose bitten off in a vicious attack has undergone a 'life-changing' transformation following a series of operations on The Drs TV Show.

Michele Messer was attacked by her ex, Chris Campbell when she ran into him a few weeks after breaking up.

Ms Messer said she had broken up amicably with Campbell and did not feel threatened when he invited her into his van for a chat.

But the mother-of-two said he immediately locked the doors before hitting her and biting her face until she passed out.

When Ms Messer came round she was covered in her own blood.

After slipping in and out of consciousness, she asked him what happened, and she claims he told her: 'I bit your nose off.'

Messer, from South Carolina, said she saw blood 'smeared and everywhere' in the van, and that
Campbell then tried to choke her to death.

She was finally able to open the car door and fall out of the vehicle, with passers-by running to her aid and calling police.

Campbell was arrested and faces an attempted murder charge, but by then the damage was done. Most of the front of his former partner's nose had been torn from her face.

The domestic violence survivor was determined to not let the horrific injury dictate the rest of her life, so she reached out to TV show The Doctors.

Co-host and certified plastic surgeon Dr Andrew Ordon and Dr Ritu Chopra performed three complex operations - pro-bono - to restore the nose.

Incredibly Ms Messer's nose looks almost as good as knew, with a small scar near the tip of her nose the only visible sign of the ferocious attack.

When she came to the surgeons she was depressed and was unable to return to work, leaving her facing eviction from her home.

But she says her life is now back on track.  She said: 'The most fascinating part about it all and what I tell everyone and anyone that asked is that yes, they did an amazing job – they changed my life and made it so I feel good about myself and confident but the most inspiring part is just how humble him and Dr. Chopra are.

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