Monday, 12 October 2015

Surprising Causes of Body Odour

If we haven't showered in two days or sweated a lot it's natural for us to smell bad. But it's nothing that can't be dealt with by taking a shower. But what happens when we smell bad and can't figure out why? Keep reading because you're going to be surprised at the things that can make you smell bad and learn how to correct them.

1. Medications
There are some medications that have bad odour as a side effect. One of them is the birth control pill, which can cause you to smell like rotten egg. It's not just birth control pills. Medications for losing weight and anti-depression medications can also cause you to smell bad.

2. Stress
If you are very stressed, its pretty sad that asides dealing with the stress, you'll also have to deal with body odour. This is because whenever you are stressed, sweat is produced from your apocrine glands. Aprocrine glands produce a less-watery sweat, made up of fats and protein which bacteria love to feed on. This feeding is responsible for the perceived body odour. In addition to this, anxiety causes your body to release cortisol which combines with sweat from stress to give a "funky" smell.

3. Food
What we eat also influences how we smell. Eating a diet heavy in garlic and onion can stink up more than just your mouth. It's true that smelly foods are broken down into smelly compounds which circulate in the blood stream and come out through the breath, sweat and urine. Surprisingly, sugar and red meat may also cause you to smell bad. Sugar modifies the body's acidity and an increase in temperature generates sweat and bad body odour. Red meat is probably the worst. It takes a long time to digest meat and because it's in our body so long, it rots and generates toxins.

4. Having Few Favorite Bras
 Many women overwear -- and consequently underwash -- bras because they have too few that fit properly. But because some bras are made of odour-trapping fabrics that definitely touch skin in more than one sweat-prone place, you probably need to wash it more often than you think, and neglecting to do so could cause odour.
5. You Could Have Diabetes
When diabetes is untreated, it's possible to experience what's called diabetic ketoacidosis. Without enough insulin, the body starts to break down fat for fuel, which leads to a build up of ketones in the body. That buildup in turn may produce a change in body odour, according to the Mayo Clinic, and may be a sign it's time to see a doctor.

6. Stinky Feet
That same all-you-can-eat buffet for bacteria happens with the sweat on your feet. And since your tootsies are tucked away in a dark, warm, moist environment, they really nurture bacteria -- especially if you don't wear socks. But about 10 to 15 percent of people have extra-sweaty feet due to their genetics. Those ultra-moist area can then become home to a specific type of bacterium called Micrococcus sedentarius, which produces truly awful smelling sulfur compounds.

7. You Have A Rare Genetic Disorder Called Trimethylaminuria
Mutations in a specific gene have been discovered to create a condition called trimethylaminuria, which causes the body to be unable to break down a chemical compound called trimethylamine. Trimethylamine is what gives fish its fishy smell, and when it builds up in the body it's released in the breath, urine and sweat, giving a person with trimethylaminuria a similarly fishy smell, according to the Genetics Home Reference at the National Institutes of Health. The odor can be extremely disruptive to daily life, often resulting in depression and social isolation.

Knowing this, I think you will know where to make corrections if you happen to suffer from or know someone with body odour.

Stay fabulous. X

Source- P&G everydayUSA & Huffington Post

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