Saturday, 17 October 2015

Rape - No means No!

I think the message in the picture is clear enough for boys who use a girl’s dressing as an excuse--deluding themselves that when she said no she was fronting.

In the words of Ariel Ugorgi,"If you were expecting some action based on the “3rd date” rule and you didn’t get any, move on. In accounting we call such phenomenon bad debts. They happen. The earth still spins. Don’t laugh, it’s not funny."

"If things got hot and heavy and then at some point she changed her mind (because girls retain that wonderfully frustrating ability to change 360 at maximum altitude) you get up and either get into a cold shower or just go home. If she was fronting I’m sure you’d figure that out later on. But right now bite the bullet and stop."

No means No! 

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