Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Outrage at video of doctors and nurses dancing in the Intensive Care Unit

A video of doctors and nurses dancing in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in India has sparked outrage worldwide.

Apparently, the hospital staff chose the ICU to celebrate the Hindu festival India Navratri--which involves a traditional dance called garba.

On Oct. 19, patients at the Sola Civil Hospital’s ICU—typically reserved for those with severe or life-threatening conditions—were reportedly treated to a garba performance by doctors and nurses.

With colourful balloons hanging over the beds, cameramen ambling about and loud music blasting, the patients mostly lay motionless as the nursing staff and others lined up before them and started dancing and clapping.

It’s not entirely clear why the hospital staff decided to stage the garba inside such a sensitive ward, which is filled with high-risk patients. They weren't even dressed properly to avoid infecting the patients.

I can't believe they did this in an  ICU. It's really terrible and they should have known better,

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