Monday, 26 October 2015

Nigeria: Inaccurate laboratory results and quackery in hospital laboratories

In a developing country like Nigeria, errors in laboratory results are quite common, and many doctors ask patients to repeat tests just because they can't trust the laboratory results presented.

Often times, patient think this is 'cruel' because they have to pay again for those tests.

But as all health conscious people know, accurate and good laboratory results (provided by medical laboratory scientists) are of utmost importance in medical care.

According to the Chairman, Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (MLSN), FCT branch Ndubisi Ebitea, the activities of quacks are responsible for the inconsistency in medical science laboratory results.

He said, “Over times we hear people talk about discordant results in laboratory results. It is important to place on record that one of the issues around that is the quackery in the system. I have always maintained that trained medical laboratory scientists do not practice quackery. What is happening is that people who are not trained laboratory scientists, who find themselves in the laboratories and who attempt to run tests are the people who provide the wrong results,” he said.

Ebitea maintained that the problem is most prevalent in private hospitals where doctors engage untrained laboratory scientists in their laboratories and pay them peanuts for wrong services.

He continued: “We are appealing to our colleagues in the medical field to allow the laboratory scientists to do their job. The medical laboratory scientists have the manpower to do its job. But what we find is that when the council goes out to enforce these laws, they are being resisted by our colleagues in the medical sector. We at the medical lab sciences are saying that when people go out for laboratory services they should always look out for qualified laboratory scientists. We all know that in any laboratory scientists outfit it is mandatory for them to paste their licenses. Once you visit any laboratory scientist outfit and did not see a license issued by the Medical Laboratory Science Council of Nigeria, just walk out of that place. It is a sign that the place does not have a qualified laboratory scientist”

As a doctor, I recommend using a standard laboratory for all your medical tests. You'll save money (from repeating the test), time and your LIFE!! So look out for your laboratory scientist's licence next time.

Stay healthy! 

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