Saturday, 24 October 2015

Nigeria: Announcing The Next Minister Of Health

It  is no news that the senate is currently screening the ministerial nominees, although we have no clue which ministry they will head.

However, with five doctors on that list, it will be no surprise that the highly coveted position of Minister of health ends up being occupied by a doctor.

With many people making this deduction, other health professionals have started pitching ideas of collaboration between the new minister and other health professionals like pharmacists, nurses and medical laboratory scientists.

In a recent conference, the Nigeria Academy of Pharmacy said the next minister of health cannot achieve the expected success in the health sector without collaborating with all relevant associations in the sector.

In another interview, the National President of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists Nigeria, Toyosi Raheem asked the President to appoint a Minister of Health who would not discriminate against any of the professional bodies in the sector  so as to resolve the unending crises in the sector.

Raheem accused medical doctors of not allowing other sector bodies to function as established, stressing that the health sector was too large for only one profession to operate alone with medical doctors wanting everyone to be under them.

Clearly, appointing a doctor as the next health minister will not sit well with many.

So while we await the announcement of the next health minister, I dare to hope that the decades of distrust and wrangling within the health sector blows away. Tall dreams? Oh yes, I know.

All the same, my wish is that the new minister, doctor or not, will work for peace and unite all health workers so we can do our jobs which is helping and healing others not fighting and hating.

Cheers to progress!

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