Saturday, 24 October 2015

Medical Student, Emmanuel Okenye Funds School For Poor Kids in Ikorodu

Emmanuel is a student doctor at Lincoln Memorial University and he recently made headlines on Knox news because of his charity - Child Scholars (CS) which he founded two years ago.

According to Okenye, "CS started because I have lived in poverty in Africa and always seen so many young children on the streets engaging in micro-economic enterprises during school hours! Many of these brilliant 5year olds  who passed their entrance exams can't start school because their parents lack the financial resources to pay.  In Nigeria, school starts at age 3-5.  But Public schools are still not Free in Nigeria.

Decent Schools worth attending costs approximately $500 U.S. dollars per child each year.  These children are smart, driven and able; but because destitute families cannot afford the school fees or school related costs, they cannot regularly attend school, if at all.  I was alarmed  and disturbed that children so young were being deprived of education and opportunity for success.  I decided to take action and create Child Scholars, to enable poor children to have meaningful access to education. We originally started by renting a building to teach kids to read and write ourselves but transitioned to sponsoring kids in other schools while we fundraise to build a school for them."

CS Scholarships pay high school fees, text books, supplies, transportation and lunch.  Our Scholarships are renewed each year if we have funding; and the students maintained at least a "B" Grade Point Average, Regular School Attendance and Good Moral Character."

CS currently has 40 children in elementary schools.

This is so inspiring! I hope to start my own charity project too someday.

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