Friday, 30 October 2015

Man kills disabled child by putting vodka in his feeding tube

A Vermont man, Walter Richters, 38, has admitted he killed his girlfriend's severely disabled child by putting vodka in the boy's feeding tube.

Richters also agreed to testify against the boy's mother, Melissa Robitille, who police say approved giving her son, 13-year-old Isaac Robitille, vodka through the intravenous tube because the child was "being fussy."

He pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a manslaughter charge and  is to be sentenced to at least three years in prison as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. A sentencing date hasn't been scheduled.

Prosecutors say Isaac was blind, had no ears, a cleft palate and developmental delays.
Melissa Robitille has been charged with second-degree murder and her trial, scheduled for early next year.
Richters initially was also charged with second-degree murder and, under a proposed plea agreement, would have served 18 months in prison. But a judge last month rejected that proposal.

Richters, who has been in prison since his arrest last year, can argue for less prison time at his sentencing.

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