Thursday, 29 October 2015

Labiaplasty a.k.a "Designer Vagina Surgery" and Vaginoplasty On The Rise

Women are ready to do whatever it takes to look and feel good and it is fuelling a significant rise in the number of women opting to have 'designer vagina' surgery, plastic surgeons have revealed.

From girls as young as 16, to women in their 70s, more women than ever are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery to alter the appearance of their genitals with either labiaplasty or vaginoplasty.

Labiaplasty is an operation  performed on the labia, or 'lips' surrounding the vagina to change the size or shape of a woman's labia. Usually, the surgery is performed to make the labia smaller, or to correct asymmetry.

Meanwhile, vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to 'tighten up' a vagina that has become slack, often the result of childbirth or ageing.

Sharon Osbourne (wife of rockstar Ozzy Osbourne) once admitted she had her vagina tightened on the Graham Norton Show but later denied having the surgery after the resulting blow-back.
She then claimed that she was only joking...(lol).

Dr Jennifer Walden, an aesthetic plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas, said over the last few years, she has noted a huge rise in the number of patients requesting labialasty.

According to her, with more women shaving and waxing their genital area, women are seeing things that previously went unnoticed and feel self-conscious of their genital area when wearing swim wear, tight jeans and yoga pants.

She also said, 'For better or worse, a rise in online images, both pornographic and those of women wearing very little, has made women aware of areas they may not have noticed before.'

Typically Dr Walden performs two to three labiaplasty operations a week and  the rise in requests for labiaplasty is not merely a vain one, Dr Walden said.

'The majority of consultations I perform are on women who do have enlarged labia,' she said.

Enlarged labia can impact on a woman's hygiene, and can cause severe discomfort during sex as well as when wearing tight clothing. And enlarged labia can have a real impact on a woman's sex life.

'In mechanical terms the labia can be tugged on constantly, which can cause repeated pressure during sex, which leads to severe discomfort.'

Labiaplasty operations can cost between $6,000 to $8,000, while non-invasive ThermiVa procedures cost $3,000 for a session of three.

My opinion is, if you want surgery done, use a certified and experienced surgeon. There are too many quacks killing people because of cosmetic surgery.

So don't scrimp on money to lose your life.

Stay healthy! X

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